Captain Levi vs Kirito

Posted by: Teemo

Who would win in a fight?

  • Kirito

  • Captain Levi

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • Kirito is a dual wielder who can transform into a Demon Beast and Regenerate 600 HP per 10 seconds. Levi just relies on his 3D Manuevering Gear to avoid getting hit. Kirito is a REAL swordsman.

    Posted by: dohmj
  • Levi may have the speed but kirito have the strength even if Levi does a sonic spin attack on kirito he would be able to hold it back and Levi's blades are weak against his so sorry but kirito wins

  • he is a bad ass swords man who is practicly invincible .

    Posted by: bob05
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  • In my opinion, Levi is faster than Kirito and is more skilled than him. Yes Kirito's blades are more powerful than Levi's but if Levi has a way to charge in on his 3D gear, which in most situations he would be able to, I really can't see Kirito winning.

    Posted by: Owlz
  • Levi is awesome. Highly skilled, awesome gear, pretty aggressive, etc

  • Because He's cool and he's obviously fast in "reality

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Zaradi says2014-05-01T16:08:28.6274479-05:00
Baiting me into the polls section >.> Impossible to just gut say because there's so many variables in this kind of thing, with the major variable being the setting they're fighting in. Also depends where in SAO we're pulling Kirito from.
Owlz says2014-05-01T17:12:43.3300889-05:00
I would expect we'd be pulling Kirito from either the end of SAO story arc or the end of the Elfheim Online story arc. In SAO he had better equipment, weapons, and items than at the end of the Elfhiem Online story arc. One could argue that at that point his illusion elf magic and flying more than makes up for it though. Even so, I really can't see him defeating Levi consistently at either time point or in most environments. However, I have not read the SAO books so there may be something from there that I'm missing.
Drachova33 says2014-09-02T11:29:01.4153506-05:00
Levi may have the speed on Kirito, but he has to use the gear to be able to perform those moves with that speed. In my opinion Kirito is faster and more skilled because of the fact that he doesn't need assistance from any equipment. And in turn, another thing is that Kirito's swords, along with his pure strength and speed, would completely rip through Levi's swords.

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