Castration punishment for male rapist

Posted by: xgjjg

If a rapist had raped a child what is the best punishment for him

  • Castrate him painfully and make him suffer and how

  • Make sure he goes to prison for life

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
  • The female victim should be allowed to weekly punish the rapist genitals in prison if she chooses or elect a female guard to do it, By whipping, Crushing burning so he can't experience any please only pain. Finally she can castrate him when she is ready

  • Considering the amount of people that get sent to jail under false charges and that our society is not supposed to be sadistic, obviously not.

  • People get sent to jail that are innocent, but to castrate them when they are innocent, that's just horrible.

  • Most of the rape accustations by females ruin a mans life. And the woman should have to go to prison for life for that.Woman are always saying men are sexist but thats not true woman get all the benifiets of marrige. Even dring divorces woman get a payload for doing nothing! So go and chop some innocent mans penis off and make him suffer like crap. Would you want your freaking penis gone?

  • Castrating, then what? He's still gonna feel like kissing kids. I suggest manipulating them to turn them into good and normal, healthy citizens.

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xgjjg says2017-09-06T16:46:02.1067928Z
Only if he has been given a dna test to make sure he done the crime
CrypticIndividual says2017-09-06T17:29:36.6679527Z
@xgjjg It is possible that it could have been regular intercourse.
BUILDTHEWALL says2017-09-08T17:45:20.5081204Z
Why should the castration be done "painfully and with suffering?" This is NOT a barbaric, primitive country. I do absolutely believe that pedophiles should be castrated... But only via the normal way, and with a guilty verdict that is 100% accurate and not just "assumed."
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2017-09-14T18:51:59.0494871Z
How the fuck can you people in the comments actually support this shit! This isn't an eye for an eye! If someone kills people he gets the death penalty. Fine. That is humane and not unusual. If someone tortures someone else we do NOT do the same to them. If someone deforms another person, we don't do it to them. Why? Because the west is not supposed to he a region full of sadists. Castration is WRONG.

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