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missmedic says2016-11-01T14:02:43.4557369Z
Rape or don't rape, tough choice................
ButterCatX says2016-11-01T17:29:47.4065771Z
@missmedic what?
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-01T22:19:06.0885604Z
How to find all the atheists: step 1-go find a religious themed post
chazzerz17 says2016-11-02T18:21:31.3850736Z
@missmedic, you know nothing about Catholic or Protestant. When something happens in one of these groups the media is all too happy to take gasoline to the fire. When something happens in the other one they pretend it is non existent.
Mharman says2016-11-02T18:36:05.0360362Z
@DiEgO123100: lol true
RepublicanForLIfe says2016-11-03T21:34:52.0447717Z
I'm a Catholic because I believe it is the one true religion. There are many reasons why, (i.E. I grew up with it, I've experienced the trueness of it, etc.) It's the religion that Jesus taught. It can be traced all the way back to Jesus. While the different line of protestants appear during and after the reformation. Before the reformation it was Catholic or nothing.
tonyrobinson says2016-11-04T00:02:31.6509218Z
I am Protestant. I have heard many things that the Catholics teach that are just plain wrong and not Biblically sound. I don't agree with the teaching of all protestant denominations either, however Catholics making up the largest denomination have a greater influence than any other denomination.
Mercedez says2016-11-09T14:56:06.7110103Z
@tonyrobinson what have you heard about what Catholics teach that you think is wrong?
talking_couch says2016-11-13T05:46:45.4109848Z
@Mercedez a few things like paying indulgences, and the idea of purgatory. Where in the Bible does it talk about any of these things?
talking_couch says2016-11-13T05:47:12.5551588Z
@Mercedez a few things like paying indulgences, and the idea of purgatory. Where in the Bible does it talk about any of these things?
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-13T17:13:38.7857056Z
@talking_couch, Jesus says "this is my body" and you don't believe it actually is. Its in the Bible too. Also, you have less books in the OT.
Rjupudi18 says2016-11-13T17:33:30.2867166Z
Here is a link to why the Apocrypha does not belong in the Bible: https://carm.Org/reasons-why-apocrypha-does-not-belong-bible
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-13T18:30:36.6337070Z
How does the catholic church reject it when we have a reading from the OT every mass?
tonyrobinson says2016-11-14T14:07:23.9766266Z
@mercedez Papal infallibility, priest not allowed to be married, women not allowed to be priests, confession to a priest who can forgive our sins, purgatory, praying for the dead, praying to Mary, indulgences, Peter as the first Pope, only Catholics can be saved, I am sure I can think of more if tried but that is just a few.
DiEgO123100 says2017-02-16T02:50:09.4140792Z
Where in the bible does it say only catholics can be saved?

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