• Cats

  • Dog

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • Mans best friend. They aren't stupid by running out of your house half the time like most cats, and want you all the time. Cats only want you if they're hungry.

  • Many people say that cats are cleaner, but that is not always true. I see cats sitting on dirty things and get themselves dirty. And I know they clean themselves with their tongues, but all the bacteria gets stuck in their tongue and sometimes, they fall sick.

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Muttl200 says2014-04-16T14:35:39.6197223-05:00
I gotta say cats. I've had cats and dogs all my life. And cats just seem to be there for me most of the time. Plus they can sit in your lap and act adorable.
HappyLander says2014-04-16T15:09:20.3369253-05:00
I would say dogs, mostly because dogs just seemed more like a friend you can hang with. I love both, but dogs are more of a play buddy, hence the phrase, 'mans best friend'.

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