Censorship: harmful or beneficial?

Posted by: ram61398

Do you believe that censorship harms our society more than it does benefit?

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Yes, censorship is harmful to our society

29 votes

It depends on the nature of the censorship that was carried out.

23 votes

Free speech means free speech for all

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No, censorship is completley okay

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PatriotPerson says2015-06-09T15:13:41.0353503-05:00
People should be able to say and post whatever they want. If you're offended, that's your fault.
Renegader says2015-07-21T00:29:42.2504364-05:00
Only authoritarian regimes and morons want anyone's voice censored
mmmeeooow says2015-09-07T20:59:15.5327632Z
Censorship is not okay, for it is harmful. There is so much censorship happening in the US lately that its absurd. Books are getting banned for being deemed too violent, despite offering great views on history. An example of that is the banning of Frederick Douglass. May people are offended by many things, some are offended by others being offended by something of theirs. Censorship limits the point of views being offered to young people today, this will continue until everyone in the US is are mindless zombies whom all think alike. Censorship leads to everyone conforming to a delusional society, and takes away choices for people; I don't know about you, but that doesn't seem like something I want.
joeblojedi says2015-10-21T10:00:31.9314607Z
Yes - (this is gonna take just a minute) -- if* - truth is paramount.. And illusion, deception, malconception is destructive (by and large) - then* {in anything censored, among other deceptions}- all things on which we act (and think) would be unfounded , corrupted, and wrong (if not by slimmer chance to be neutral or beneficial for the accidental reasons for which we would act) ..Then so too , would censorship almost almost literally if not actually be the non disclosure of the truth.. Taking into hiding true real and actual information.. Information on which the reality on which we should know and act accordingly on is non existent , corrupted, or destroyed.. - then proving that we are faulted in knowledge and action on things so said to be (an acted on) as Censored ...To be flat about it.. Its hiding the truth.. Any Generalized Censorship is simply lying to the public.. Very particular censorship for certain provisionally protected individuals is another matter.. But general censorship is nothing more than the abuse of authoritative power to manipulate mass perception.. - ie - Censorship IS Harmful to Society
Jonking1 says2015-11-25T18:54:34.8541191Z
Why should we really have to discuss this, its just so stupid how the board of education, A.K.A a bunch of old people decide what we DO!!! Talk about nonUtopia Utopia society.
khfkug says2016-01-15T20:22:35.1777157Z
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cyber_onions says2016-12-14T14:51:52.5823817Z
I think true censorship is harmful, for a variety of reasons. At the same time, there seems to be a lot of confusion lately about what censorship entails. This confusion manifests along the lines of 'I should be able to say/do whatever I want, and if you tell me not to, you're impinging upon my freedom of speech and censoring me!' Slander, defamation, death threats - it seems like today people think they should be able to do all this, and if they get told to stop, well they think they're being censored.

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