Child abuse vs spouse abuse: Who is the lesser of the 2 evils?

Posted by: retrogamer176

  • Child abuse

  • Spouse abuse

13% 2 votes
87% 13 votes
  • I chose this one because it's a child getting beaten and they have longer to live than the spouse.

  • Don't get me wrong all abuse is fucking wrong fucking terrible and fucking fucking fucking fuck up you should never hit your child,spouse,animal, or elder period people like that belong in hell for all entirty

  • At least she has a chance to defend herself, a child does not

    Posted by: Itani
  • Well a spouse is a man's property, so I guess it would be ok if what he uses to beat her isn't larger then his thumb?

  • Children are virtually helpless, adults a least have a string to grasp.

  • a spouse can go the the cops, describe it accurately, and get a divorce and restraining order. what 5 year old knows how to do that!

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PetersSmith says2015-04-06T12:04:50.9575191-05:00
Are these going to be all your polls now? They keep getting progressively darker; I'm worried.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-06T12:05:50.4482262-05:00
How about some What is the better of the 2 goods?
YamaVonKarma says2015-04-06T12:08:42.5161329-05:00
Neither. Both are Domestic Violence...
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T12:08:49.4579994-05:00
I tried one on christian intolorance vs gay intolorance, but the website won't let me. I tried to parody the favorite christian logic, the website didn't let me. So I went with the dark option because it's the only one the site let me do. I'm worried about the site.
YamaVonKarma says2015-04-06T12:09:31.7873233-05:00
It's like asking which is the lesser of two evils between killing a Serial Killer or an Innocent Man. No matter how you justify it, it's still murder.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T12:10:12.8050382-05:00
Which is better is too common. Lesser of 2 evils wasn't done often, so I went with that.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T12:10:56.7868481-05:00
@Yama If you think both are equally evil, don't vote.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T12:12:23.3006215-05:00
By creating a "lesser of 2 evils" series, I think I set myself up to go progressively darker pete.
Jonbonbon says2015-04-06T12:56:37.4160453-05:00
In what situation would this decision be useful?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T12:57:42.4823940-05:00
Nowhere, it's an opinion.
Jonbonbon says2015-04-06T12:59:24.5200317-05:00
To me this poll sounds like "I really want to abuse someone that I'm supposed to love more than anything, and I don't really know which one. Which one will be less likely to be the reason I go to hell?"
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T13:00:21.7397313-05:00
I'm going to hell either way, so why would I be concerned?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T13:01:25.1213375-05:00
And yes, their both evil. If I catch anyone doing either I'd shun them out of my life.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T13:05:01.8186842-05:00
Just so you know: If it is easy to pick, you're a bad person.
Jonbonbon says2015-04-06T13:09:23.8605057-05:00
Why should this be considered?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T13:11:09.4508737-05:00
I'm just gonna say this strait: This poll was way to dark. I apologize.
Jonbonbon says2015-04-06T13:21:08.7797493-05:00
Apology accepted.

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