Children at the age of ten should have their own Smart-phone.

Posted by: sarah.zhang123

Should kids have Smart-phones?

  • Yes, children at the age of ten should already have a Smart-phone.

  • No, children at the age of ten shouldn't have their own Smart-phone.

20% 6 votes
80% 24 votes
  • It can let kids call there parents if theyre in trouble or call friends and be social

  • yes, I think kids should have phones by 8 years old.

    Posted by: west60
  • yes because they are getting to the age where they will want to go out and be alone so if they get lost they can call for help

  • absolutely not. Mabye a text and call phine but not a smartphone. They need to be kids for a while they need to play outside and build things and play games and socialize and be creative not stare at a screen.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • no, the only reason they would need a phone is if they needed to call a parent or friend or etc. a simple flip phone is fine for them.

  • No, little kids cant even keep a toy for a day with out breaking it. What makes you think they can have a smart phone.

  • no why do they need that let them earn that stuff.

  • No, most are irresponsible and entitled enough in this day and age and they will take it for granted. Plus the excuse that they need to contact parents doesn't suffice the reason to have an expensive smart phone, when go-phones and cheaper alternatives that they won't break and or get spoiled with are just as available.

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Reeseroni says2015-05-22T08:14:31.3254014-05:00
What do you need a phone for when you're ten?
tsume says2015-05-22T08:16:42.3843618-05:00
Agree with reeseroni. What, exactly, do you need a smart phone or even a phone for at age 10? I sure didn't have one at 10. I didn't need one.
Kylar says2015-05-22T09:52:41.8493327-05:00
You should be allowed to have a phone at age 10. Keep out hyperactivity in the house!
sarah.zhang123 says2015-05-22T10:01:32.2215390-05:00
If you ask what I pick, I will say neither. I'm the one who posted this poll. I'm torn. I don't know If I should get my 10 year old kid a smart-phone, so I need you all to persuade me.
Stefy says2015-05-22T10:48:57.6773420-05:00
Kylar: sitting them in front of screen to keep them quiet. Its so sad to me. Kids need to excercise, play, jump around and be creative, build blanket forts and do all that stuff not just play candy crush and stay inside.
Ashleymor says2015-05-22T15:08:38.9795004-05:00
They do not need a phone at the age of ten.
starflight says2015-10-10T23:15:16.9353221Z
When I was young there was only rotary dial phones and pay phone booths - we survived - the world's greatest engineering feats were all accomplished before computers, internet or smart phones.

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