China vs America

Posted by: Napoleon11a

Who would win or will it be a stalemate or will it cause ww3? And will it end with the destruction of countries?

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It will be a long and bloody war and might end up with the destruction of the world or major countries destroyed but i think America will win the war but again in cost of lives no clear winner. Also i think china will form allies with Russia and other countries then America will call its own allies then Nato will join and in the end ww3

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Judging by their hands, i don't know who has the bigger penis.

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So you see that america right now at this point in life has the avengers and china doesn't so thats why america would win

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Who would win china or America or would it be a stalemate?

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Everyone would die.

The US has nukes, China has nukes, Russia has nukes, Mutually assured destruction.
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Napoleon11a is probably a troll

This will probably be his last time on DDO. If not, then we are sincerely sorry.
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Black-Jesus says2016-03-06T18:53:48.2189323Z
Right now, it's looking like America would win, what with our absolutely massive and highly advanced military. And teamed with NATO, who knows what we could accomplish? However, if China teams up with Russia and then possibly NK and Middle Eastern nations that already the West, it could really be the biggest war the world has seen, think about it: the West vs the East, the final climax between the two factions of mankind. It sounds like something out of a movie, but I really think that it has been something that has been brewing since the beginning of civilization, and it may just be what ends it all. At any rate, America vs China would be something that may very well inspire legend and fiction for many decades. Hell, they may create a whole new era for it: imagine it, there would be the BCE era, the BACW (before America-China War or something like that) era and, and the new CE (Current Era).
reece says2016-03-06T19:06:33.2800549Z
@Black-Jesus We might see foo fighters again.
Black-Jesus says2016-03-06T20:56:52.2991408Z
The American rock band? Or UFO's?
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-06T23:21:04.8166053Z
The entire Middle East would not side with Russia and China. Turkey Saudi Arabia, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan would probably either stay neutral or side with the West. A united sense of "we must keel the infidels" does not exist in the Middle East; rather, most of them are too caught up in Sunni-Shi'ite conflicts and trying to become prosperous nations to be interested in uniting for a world war against the West. Turkey hates Russia and Saudi Arabia hates Iran (Iran would almost certainly side with the Shanghai Axis), so their loyalty to the West in such a war can be almost guaranteed. We must then look at East Asia. If North Korea were to side with China then South Korea would almost certainly side with the West. Taiwan would certainly side with the West because it hates China. Japan also somewhat hates China now, so they'd either stay neutral or side with the West. Even Vietnam, or old enemy, would probably side with the West or stay neutral because right now it hates China more than it hates the US. The Philippines would likely side with the West because it's starting to hate China over the South China Sea issue. Malaysia is perhaps the same way, or at least to some extent. India has nothing to gain from joining with China; at best it'd wait it out and then side with China if victorious, though it has good relations with Russia and is part of the SCO (as is Pakistan). If I'm not mistaken, Thailand has good relations with the U.S. as well. During WWII the Japanese hoped that the East Asians would embrace them so that the entire Asia (or East Asia) could be united against the Western imperialists. Unfortunately for them the peoples of East Asia and the Pacific didn't view Japanese imperialism as being any better than European imperialism.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-06T23:31:31.4855769Z
TL;DR Anti-Western sentiment isn't nearly strong enough for the Asian continent to unite against the West and much of Asia hates China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran (the hypothetical Shanghai Quartet) way too much to hop in bed with them.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-06T23:34:53.6499183Z
TL;DR Anti-Western sentiment isn't nearly strong enough for the Asian continent to unite against the West and much of Asia hates China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran (the hypothetical Shanghai Quartet) way too much to hop in bed with them.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-06T23:36:21.4346113Z
The Stans other than Pakistan and Afghanistan would probably side with Shanghai because whenever Russia tells them to jump they say "how high massuh?"
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-06T23:39:42.0489670Z
Indonesia probably wouldn't give an *expletive* about any of it, Australia and New Zealand would probably side with the West, and Mongolia absolutely cannot side with the West, seeing as how they are a poor landlocked country with virtually no people living there which is literally sandwiched between Russia and China.
Black-Jesus says2016-03-07T01:04:54.4669387Z
Yeah, I doubt that there would be a concerted effort to destroy the West, but the East doesn't really need the whole East to put up a fight. Just China and Russia basically.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-07T01:34:52.7209473Z
China and Russia alone probably could not defeat the U.S. and all of its allies. Think WWII: though we tend to focus on 3 or 4 "big" contributors, almost every country on the planet was part of the Allied Powers. So many nations, in fact, that the Allied Powers later became the UN.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-07T01:39:53.4603937Z
The Shanghai Powers would literally be declaring war on the entire planet. They could make tremendous progress in their efforts initially like Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire did but eventually they would lose.
Vox_Veritas says2016-03-07T01:41:31.9594251Z
Honestly, the only thing that would allow for a Shanghai Powers victory would be a lack of resolve on the part of the allies.
Black-Jesus says2016-03-07T03:01:19.5053143Z
Which is entirely plausible. I mean, the militaries with the best technologies are America and three of its hypothetical enemies. Then China has a supermassive population and military, hypothetically, they could toss bodies at most of their enemies until we just ran ourselves to death. But I doubt that the West would lose, but I'm just saying it's plausible and would cause a LOT of casualties.

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