Choose: Innocent Person Sentenced to Death, or Locked Up Serial Killer Set Free?

Posted by: Targaryen

You choose.

19 Total Votes

Set Serial Killer Free

15 votes

Kill Innocent Person

4 votes
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Stefy says2015-05-16T23:28:37.1745044-05:00
This is kind of pointless becuase neither is something youll ever have to decide between. The point is to prevent both.
Mister_Man says2015-05-17T02:32:12.4289238-05:00
Stefy, you know how many of these polls are "pointless"? Way too many. This isn't pointless at all, the point is to see the general population's (of this site) decision as to what is more humane, and what the consider more reasonable. Tarharyen is simply figuring out the mindset of people on this site.

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