• Rebels

  • Imperials

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • Rebels all the way.

  • I'd rather not be ruled by a cruel dictator who's willing to sacrifice entire planets just to stay on top.

  • cause they stand for good and what freedom like the old republic days

  • I'm a rebel because I don't want to be ruled by a evil intergalactic emperor and his slave I rather be equally Represented in a Senate

  • Imperial, obviously. The Rebel terrorists are causing no end of trouble. Also, YOU HAVE FAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME.

  • For the Empire! Kill those Rebel scum!

  • Soon we all know who is winning and is in a higher advantage. IMPERIALS! mainly because the rebels are losing Jedi after Jedi and now, their down to the last one. We see in the trailer, last Jedi, Kyle Ren is still alive. I can tell that he is getting revenge and is going to kick some butt.

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UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T00:51:48.3669604Z
Groriousu Nipponjin Daikoku Imperiars
triangle.128k says2015-09-28T00:52:29.3166979Z
@UtherPenguin Weeaboo!
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T00:53:59.7659181Z
This firter is racist. I try and write stuff in glorious Nihongo ranguage and I get censored!
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T00:54:10.1086518Z
Oops, I meant grorious
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T00:55:06.3940910Z
Rebels all the way!!!
triangle.128k says2015-09-28T00:56:27.9075880Z
@UtherPenguin That's because the 中国共产党 is funding debate.Org to censor Japanese text.
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T00:58:00.6501825Z
@triagnel.128k Exactry! We shourd stage a protest!
triangle.128k says2015-09-28T00:59:07.4603457Z
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T01:02:35.4246126Z
@triangle.128k http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/443/825/0ba.png
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T01:05:55.4723951Z
triangle.128k says2015-09-28T01:13:08.9235746Z
Also, why'd you spell my name as triagnel?
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T01:33:04.3167123Z
Come on Rebels lets win this
UtherPenguin says2015-09-28T01:33:04.3635120Z
I didn't
tajshar2k says2015-09-28T01:33:32.6461307Z
Stormtroopers can't hit their targets so...
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T01:35:27.2595960Z
The dark side may have cookies, but we of the rebel alliance have brownies
Forthelulz says2015-09-28T01:35:31.7069528Z
@tajshar2k Actually, they were able to land shots on the Rebels aboard the Tantive IV (you know that ship Leia was on), and the rest of the time they were ordered to job. Stormtrooper armor is actually pretty useful, and it's more likely the trooper inside was merely knocked out than killed.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T01:36:38.8017374Z
The storm troopers were beaten by teddy bears
tajshar2k says2015-09-28T01:38:29.2968291Z
Rebels are just better, because they passionately believe in their cause. Once upon a time, when the stormtroopers were once the clone troopers they were elite soldiers, the Empire got lazy and created a bunch of buffoons as the years went by.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T01:44:11.4621479Z
We did end up winning the war
Forthelulz says2015-09-28T01:49:05.8710095Z
Let's take a little context of the" teddy bears", shall we? How would you react to your communications being down, Rebels hijacking one of your walkers, and a bunch of those things mobbing you from waist level bent on killing (and presumably eating) you. The Ewoks had weight of numbers and the home field advantage, not to mention Rebel specialists assisting them, on top of their opponents having lost communications. So the Stormtroopers have no idea where they are, one of their AT-STs may or may not have been hijacked, and their briefing listed the Ewoks as harmless. In short, the Ewoks came out of nowhere from the Stormtrooper's perspective. In fact, there was probably an in-universe horror film from the perspective of one of those Stormtroopers.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T01:55:46.0499051Z
Forthelulz that may be true, but lets also look at the fact that the rebels were able to take an atst destroy many other atst's with primitive weapons, as well as beat the storm troopers who have advanced weapons and armor, with bows and arrows, clubs and other primitive weapons.
Forthelulz says2015-09-28T02:57:24.3818255Z
What part of "communications blackout" don't you understand? The Imperials had no IFF, no nothing. They had no idea whether or not that particular AT-ST was hijacked until it opened fire. They had no idea that the Ewoks were hostile until they were right on top of them. In short, it was a nightmare, compounded by Lucas's need for symbolism.
gabep says2015-09-28T03:13:27.1355074Z
A source states that the Ewok weapons were dipped in poison.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T03:18:41.8591919Z
They had the element of surprise in the empires own trap for them, how ironic. And what about the 1st death star was their a communications black out then as well, when the empire with their supper weapon, sith lord, and fleet of ships, was beaten by the rebels small week fleet of ships. Or the 2nd death star, that was right over the battle that we have been talking about where again the rebels beat the empire who had better weapons (the death star) as well as the much larger fleet. So in short, rebels rule.
Forthelulz says2015-09-28T03:19:42.3015025Z
The Rebels got lucky in that Vader decided to turn traitor. Also, nobody liked Bail Organa.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T03:26:38.7447626Z
Bail was an imperial senator that the empire killed. And the death star would have blown up even if the Vader stayed with the empire, Luke wouldn't have made it, but the death star being blown up by Lando would have still finished him, (unless if he escaped, but he would still have lost his 2nd moon sized death star and would look like a fool to the entire galaxy.
Forthelulz says2015-09-28T04:05:23.4509315Z
In the (now sadly non-canon) Thrawn Trilogy,the Emperor was using the Force to push His Majesty's Imperial Navy and Stormtrooper Corps. If anything, Thrawn would make me sign right up for the Empire.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T04:14:41.0929574Z
That is true, but even if the rebels, couldn't hold the area, the millennium falcon was on it's way to the core reactor when the empire was killed, this leads me to believe that the death star would have still blown up, leaving the emperor needing to flee, and odds are, his ship would be the first target of the rebels, that means, that odds are, in his slow moving shuttle (admittedly it has good armor but how could it get past all of the rebels) he would have been blown up anyway, then the rebels still win. I have to go to work early tomorrow, so this is the last message I'm sending out tonight.
gabep says2015-09-28T05:03:43.7523877Z
Thrawn was a genius. Yes, the EU stories may seem like BS (like analyzing art and basing strategies off that analysis? WTF?), but he was a truly amazing character and were it not for a traitor, he would have brought the Empire back to power.
DeepInThought says2015-09-28T23:14:03.8047661Z
Traitors are a part of war.
Forthelulz says2015-09-29T00:44:45.2748471Z
Let's look at this from an out of universe perspective. The Endor event was only possible through bad writing. If I were in charge of that op, the forest would have been razed to the ground before the guys building the bunker had even gotten their assignments. With a proper perimeter set, the Rebels would have to resort to orbital bombardment, something made outright suicidal by the orbiting fleet and a (spoiler!) fully operational battle station. That isn't strategic genius, that's common sense. Also, are the Ewoks taxpayers, or do they answer to any form of Imperial government at all? No, they're tree-dwellers who are somewhat analogous to those native tribes that only appear in those weird films at 5 AM who ritually kill and eat outsiders. I am not making this up. Now, I'm a bit rusty on my Imperial law, but murder is something that is generally frowned upon in the greater community. Read any Timothy Zahn novel featuring Stormtroopers. Against most small-arms fire, impacts, and other things that they could be expected to run into, their armor is excellent. You know those weapons that seem to one-shot Stormtroopers. A bit of checking shows them to be non-standard and probably very expensive. In short, the Stormtroopers are pretty much the movie Mobile Infantry/Alliance soldiers with tank support. (They re-used the MI uniforms for Firefly. Cool trivia.) They're perfect for keeping populations in line, and are okay at fighting other things, but need support. When Endor happened, because the higher-ups became pants-on-head retarded for some reason *cough* bad writing *cough*, that support was not forthcoming. The novelization for Return of the Jedi outright stated that the Star Destroyers were just sitting there being useless.
DeepInThought says2015-09-29T04:37:34.8217032Z
So their higher ups were dumb, and that's your excuse for why the empire was beaten by then the rebels, that doesn't seem to be much of an argument. In fact It kind of helps my point. I would like to point out that a small time smuggler with serious debt problems was able to get one of these nonstandard, and very expensive blasters, and it seems like every one in the galaxy does to. Storm troopers are known to be easy to kill, and are made to storm (pardon the pun) places, be everywhere, be intimidating, and be expendable. Also, you have a group that is so dumb, that they will work for a guy who is known for killing off his own officers, and replacing them with who ever is nearest at hand. They also (as family guy pointed out) made up for a small hole that small missiles had a hard time getting through on the 1st death star, and make another one with an even bigger hole in it, that you could fly entire cargo ships in side, and try to use it in a battle. It wasn't bad story telling... The emperor just made mistakes that has brought down many generals in the past, He underestimated his opponents. He declared to himself that he was victorious before the battle had ended, and so saw the battle as mundane. Seeing something as mundane, he didn't pay attention to it, and watch in order to order around his troops during the battle. He over estimated himself. He wanted to show off to his opponent. These are things that almost every commander, that has ever led a battle in the history of the world, has done. These are things that Sun Tzu warns military leaders about. If he has to specifically mention these mistakes, then you know they are quite common to see, and exploit. I say this again Rebels Rule!!!
DeepInThought says2015-09-29T04:38:58.5629664Z
Where now tied up, may the best reb... I mean best team win.
Forthelulz says2015-09-29T06:52:54.5542566Z
And that's actually a very bad view of Vader. The only people he killed as Vader were people who failed on such a scale that they would probably be put on trial and shot anyway and criminals. In all, the Empire brought stability to the Galaxy at large. Bevel Lemilisk was actually killed (then brought back) over the first Death Star debacle (which needed the Force to pull off, and there was exactly one Force-sensitive with plot armor thicker than Luke Skywalker's (wait...) in the area at the time) and the second was incomplete (and hijacked by IG-88). It was functional as in it could shoot at you and its superstructure could take pounding from anything short of *any vessel (even snubcraft) from Battlefleet Gothic* if attacked from the outside. The Emperor put too much faith in his suddenly incompetent subordinates (the bad writing from before) and paid the price. The second Death Star had an uber-shield that wouldn't have been wrecked if not for that bad writing, because as I said before, the Imperials should have razed that forest and put faith in their fully operational battle station. These are the same guys who blew up a planet full of Rebels and Rebel sympathizers earlier. I can easily see them frying everything in a certain radius of their facility that they know the Rebels know the exact location of, super-fortifying that location, then laughing as the fleet from Sullust gets ripped apart. Come on, Lucas. You had them blow up a planet. A bit of deforestation should barely be a blip on the radar. (Though blowing up Alderaan becomes a positive when the re-release shows Jar Jar there at the time) So they killed Jar Jar, which is probably the single best thing to happen to the galaxy, apart from Palpatine cleaning house on Imperial Center. Also, look at the guys the Empire replaced. First, there was the corrupt bloc, then the ones that seemed to stagnate for no other reason than to create tension, then there were the few token "good guys" who were for things like democracy, which, in a universe where people can be hijacked by other people gifted with Force Powers, is very easily turned into an autocracy far worse than most perceptions of the Empire. Just ask Joruus C'Boath. Also, the Empire has a unified currency, a centralized communications network, and all the other infrastructure the Rebels tended to destroy, on top of their fleets protecting civilians from fun things from the outside, such as Nuso Esva, the Vagaari, their Chiss allies repelling the Yuuzhan-Vong, and a whole bunch of pirates and criminals whose stories we will never hear. If you read the background, Han Solo is a dishonorably discharged Imperial officer, a lot if not all of the cool Rebel toys are, in fact, stolen research, a lot of the Empire's excesses come from trying to stop the Rebels (kinda like how the Inheritance Cycle turned out), the Rebels are shown to be as bad as if not worse than the Empire, what with their underground drug trade (oh yeah, they did that), smuggling, sabotage of civilian facilities, and even more onscreen war crimes than the Empire. No, really. Count how many Stormtroopers were shot (not died to; they had reasonable armor, except that Wilhelm Scream guy) by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper armor. I got around eight. Now count the Rebel officers killed by Vader (five). There was the whole Tantive IV incident, which was apparently a diplomatic misison (six war crimes for the Empire) wait, they were picking up stolen secrets (back to five) So it's 5:9 onscreen in the first movie alone. Also, Stormtroopers are regarded to be tough as nails in-universe. That smuggler with debt problems was recently in that debt because a Spice run went bad. Remember, he's also equipped with plot armor, and plot-based weaponry, so he immediately becomes an unstoppable god of war whenever he gets called in. (Or, if you're playing Empire At War, you simply bury him under TIE Maulers.) So to recap: The Rebels are just as bad, the Empire brought stability, Stormtroopers are actually competent, but lack plot armor, the officer in charge of securing the perimeter should not have risen that far, Vader only killed people who would be dying soon anyway, a lot of the Rebel stuff is stolen Imperial stuff, but granted plot armor, the Imperials lost to bad writing, courtesy of Lucas forgetting that the Stormtroopers in the first movie were ordered to job so the base on Yavin could be found, apparently that farmboy (read: Mary Sue) that was tagging along with a dishonorably discharged ex-Lieutenant and some crazy old bugger turned out to be a Jedi with nigh-godlike powers that somehow easily outshone Vader in a few short training sessions despite Vader's experience for the last several decades (Thanks, EU!), and then all the really competent people the Empire had were elsewhere whilst the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny took place in a backwater of a backwater (mostly because they hadn't been written into existence yet). Tl;dr The Rebels steal everything and are saved by a Mary Sue.
DeepInThought says2015-09-29T19:48:26.5735477Z
Vader is dumb, because killing your own men, in front of your other men is a major blow to their moral. The emperor wanted the shield generator to look like an easy target, as to bring the rebels out of hiding, that's why he let them know where he is. So he wouldn't raze the ground around it, or ells his own storm troopers who temporarily captured the rebels out side the building, while the main characters where getting captured inside, wouldn't be able to hide on the outside, to take the rebels by surprise, and that's why the rebels were to fall into the trap in the first place. He set the trap so that he could get all of the rebels. The emperor saw the teddy bears as mundane and primitive, so he never would have thought that they would be the undoing of his trap. He ordered his star destroyers to not engage the enemy, because they could get in the way of the death star, giving the rebels cover. So that wasn't incompetents, it was following orders. They weren't even expecting to fight much, they were just their to prevent escape, of any ships that didn't run into the death star's shield, and it's blast, (so basically a much smaller, feeble excuse of a fleet. But sadly for them, the rebels figured out that it's shields where up, and didn't crash into it, after the death star, and the emperor was destroyed, don't you think that they would have some problems regrouping, coming up with a plan, and keeping the moral of themselves as well as their troops up? This for them was a disaster, and they weren't as quick witted as the rebels, so that's why they lost. You said that the emperor helped the galaxy, are you forgetting that he was the one who messed it up in the first place, with his who'll being he head of the republic, (which he was responsible for the downfall of the last leader) as well as the separatists who were trying to destroy the republic, he's the one who broke the system in the first place. Also, the only reason why he had so many planets, was because he concurred them and made some species slaves. I'm only going to bring up one last point, (because I have to go soon) and that is you said that a lot of the storm troopers survived the main characters raid of the 1st death star, but I would like to point out that just about everyone on the death star was killed by the end of the 4th movie, while only a few rebels where killed, So the empire lost their super station that could destroy entire planets, one planet that was under their own control destroyed, they lost their prisoner, and I got to point out, that one of those people on the death star was a grand admiral. Losses to the rebels were as follows, a few small ships, a few solders, an ancient old man, and they had to move out of their base and just move right into another one. Rebels win in the 4th movie.
Forthelulz says2015-09-30T00:02:34.0958896Z
Vader is more of a Commissar than an officer. Yes, the Emperor wanted the place to look easy, but then he went full-on retarded and utterly failed to erect any form of sensor net or anything that would, you know, allow his men to track and capture the Rebel scum. The kicker? That tech was widely available at least 20 years ago in the canon. So, in short, a guy who spent possibly the last century if not more planning his wildly successful takeover and administration of the Galaxy suddenly decided not to have a backup plan for that particular event. Also, the Rebels had all the Mary Sues, and their combined plot armor was shield against all attacks, except that one time Luke decided to be an idiot and charge a cyber-augmented Force-user who was, in fact, his old man coming to make good on 22+ years of back child support. And then there's the fact that the Rebels are still infinitely worse, considering they fired on their own men, fired on civilians, allied with pirate groups who would cheerfully tear up civilian ships before fleeing from the Imperials, institutionally used bribery, blackmail. And extortion, compared to individuals within the Empire doing it, and are incapable of defending one measly planet while the Empire will protect its citizens from foreign harm. Just ask Thrawn, Parck, and Pallaeon. (It's true. The Rebels had to evacuate Yavin and Hoth, and that's just the ones we've seen.) The "do not engage" thing is stupid, because it should have been "engage at range". When looking at specs, the Star Destroyers can dish the most pain at long range, so that would be their predominant strategy. Stick a few dedicated anti-fighter craft in the fleet, plus an Immobilizer 418, and it's bye-bye Rebel scum. But that's a downer ending, so idiocy for everyone, unless you're named and a good guy. Sometimes, even that won't save you. Seriously, what did you see in her, Han? But, if all else fails to convince you to vote Empire, here's the main thing: Missile Boat.
gabep says2015-09-30T00:11:05.0525155Z
Rebels, I don't want to alarm you, but Galaxy Gun.
Forthelulz says2015-09-30T00:41:23.5638862Z
That would have come in handy when the Mongol-expies arrived in force. Sure is a shame that the galaxy isn't united under a central authority that can mobilize massive fleets to deal with them.
DeepInThought says2015-09-30T06:28:02.0242489Z
Your mistaken when your talking about the empire protecting it's civilians, are you forgetting aldoron, with the whole big boom incident, or the slaves in death camps that the empire had, that's like saying that the Nazis cared for all of their citizens. (they even have storm troopers and people hunting down others because of their religion. And the rebels used gorilla style fighting, big deal, that's how the continental army fought in America to try and force the British out of the US colonies. It's what you do when your opponent has a big army. I haven't seen the rebels blow up civilian ships, but I have seen Imperials do that more then a few times. If you look around, you'll see that for the most part, imperials are not wanted by the populations that they invaded. So you and I agree that when the galaxy was attacked, it would have been good for a single government to be their and respond to it, without it being already damaged from internal strife, and that government is called the republic, with their great army, of Jedi fully united and not scattered throughout the galaxy with troops designed to kill them, that would have been helpful. The empire was cruel, their leaders dumb, and their solders week, that's why they didn't deserve to rule, and that's why they fell in the end. P.S. For Luke beating Vader, that might of had to do with Vader who was conflicted in his feelings about the fight, he was ancient by this time and had nothing really left to fight for, and he was facing off against a young man, with a reason to fight for, and in the moment that he beat Vader he took him by surprise, this pretty much explains why Vader lost, not just plot armor.
Forthelulz says2015-09-30T15:06:03.0755238Z
The Empire's soldiers are weak? Food for thought: What about all of those other Rebels who got ripped apart offscreen with little to no Stormtrooper losses? What of the sheer amount of time and resources it took (around ten years) for the Republic to begin to deal with the Separatists? The Vong invading wouldn't give that kind of time. Also, Alderaan was largely Rebel-run, so blowing it up sent a clear message: Use of atomics against humans shall be cause for planetary obliteration, I mean being Rebel scum will get you and the people you care about killed. So don't be Rebel scum.
DeepInThought says2015-10-01T06:35:36.7754167Z
What are you talking about "so blowing it up sent a clear message" and saying that Alderaan was a threat is ridicules, Leia in her plea to said that the planet had no weapons or did anything to warrant such extreme force on a planet that no one would hide their rebel forces on. That's like if the head of Switzerland announcing that they disproved of the U.S's invading everywhere, and a few people (like 10) from Switzerland, get caught hanging around with the US's enemy, being responded to by the US carpet bombing all of Switzerland with Nukes saying, no one talks to our enemy. TOTAL OVERKILL. With the argument about how long it took for the republic to respond to the Separatist, you do realize that that was because the future emperor was keeping them at bay from each other, until he saw fit to clash his two armies together, and destroy both systems of governments, so that he could put in place his own horrible government system using lies and assassinations to keep his power for as long as he did. (most didn't even know he was a sith lord) And you still haven't responded to the racism of his government, to the point of using certain species of his own civilians as slaves in death camps, Not a good governing style. If as you say off screen their are more rebels being killed then Imperial troops, then that just says how many more troops their are who see the empire as a government that they would be willing to risk everything to defeat. That says a lot about how cruel the empire was to it's civilian population, and how many soldiers the rebels had. And one last point is... The REBELS WON THE WAR!!!
Forthelulz says2015-10-01T16:55:49.2302827Z
Well, when those 10 happen to be very highly placed in the government, maybe something's up. Also, with the power of bad writing, anyone can win a war.
DeepInThought says2015-10-02T05:42:44.0250898Z
So you mean the bad writing that a lot of people point out is how the emperor got his power in the first place?

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