• Accept Jesus as your lord and savior and receive the gift of salvation and eternal life

  • Deny Jesus as your lord and savior and go to hell for suffering

44% 14 votes
56% 18 votes
  • I will go to heaven

  • I love it when jesus fills me ;)

  • Assuming: a) the existence of the Christian God, b) said existence being somehow scientifically verifiable, c) The Christian God accepting people into Heaven for no more than accepting Jesus as savior, and condemning them to eternal punishment for anything less (which has to be the most monstrously unjust concept that I have ever heard of). Then this option would be the logical choice, though it would still be unpleasant to be stuck with a sadistic mass murderer of a deity for all of eternity.


  • Thier is not enough evidence to base ones actions around a religion.

  • I am convinced that God has faulty morals, so if God is real, I'm going to hell unless I manage to brainwash myself or similar.

  • Vote this one to piss off genesis

  • I would only accept someone else's beliefs if I heard them from that person themself. Cause I know for a fact, that after 2 thousand years that my fellow humans have distorted any truth about the man that was Jesus. If he is my lord and savior, if he is as much a great man as many claim him to be, then he will humor a naive boy such as me by sitting down and speaking to me when my life is near said and done. And then, only then, when I kn the truth would I consi accepting him.

  • I'll be besties with Satan.


  • this poll is biased to Christians

  • All my friends are going.

  • Scientists would have made air conditioning down here and have created an orderly society by now.

    Posted by: Letrus
  • I would like to be my own savior for some reason.

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Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-13T22:26:40.6911028-05:00
This poll is bias.
komododragon8 says2015-04-13T22:27:39.8542323-05:00
genesis01 says2015-04-13T22:30:11.2558534-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe It isn't biased when there are only two possible answers.
birdlandmemories says2015-04-13T22:30:13.9390018-05:00
Bias poll.
kman100 says2015-04-13T22:34:34.6640713-05:00
@genesis01 I am convinced that God has bad morals and is fairly evil. How do you propose I get in to heaven? Shall I brainwash myself? Self-hypnotism?
genesis01 says2015-04-13T22:35:53.4852929-05:00
Not true, and that "brainwashing" is making you believe in the truth. You chose to send yourself to hell by denying christianity.
kman100 says2015-04-13T22:37:34.5234843-05:00
So you think I should try to brainwash myself?
m4j0rkus4n4g1 says2015-04-13T22:42:50.3216557-05:00
I'm not sure, but I think I spy some bias here. I'm also going to pull Poe's Law into this and say that it is tough to say where the creator's intentions lie. As for my stance, it isn't stated here. I don't accept arguments that I've encountered for the existence of God. I don't believe, yet I am constantly looking to be convinced. As for Jesus, I think that it is more important to establish the existence of God and then decide where that conclusion might lead with regards to religion. Also, if a person outright rejects Jesus, they most likely are rejecting belief in God and religion in general. Therefore, they have no reason to fear Hell. Also, I never knew an individual would "go to Hell FOR suffering". The website constantly reminds you to check spelling and grammar and yet it seems as if many on here do not notice this. Fascinating.

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