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  • Why is the idea of God existing so far-fetched, but the idea of the universe exploding into existence accepted?

  • God loves all, no matter what, I know that might not mean much to some, but some day it will. I know there is a God, and that God is my father, who sent his son to die and suffer for my sins so I could live with my him in Heaven once more.

  • Evidence is a good thing.

  • Each to their own beliefs at the end of the day, but I am personally happy with living my life at face value and not holding a belief in God. There's been no reason for me to believe in one, no facts that would make me wish to believe in one and I know that I do not wish to follow some of the teachings that come from the religion so whether I follow it or not wouldn't impact my outcome, haha.

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harrytruman says2016-03-09T23:39:37.8825608Z
I'm a Jew, you can ridicule me You can torture me You can kill me And you probably will, but until you prove that Jesus is the Meshiach or there is no G-d, you won't change my mind.
Mister_Man says2016-03-10T00:18:44.3715563Z
@Truman - You're the one asserting a God exists, you have to prove it.
donald.keller says2016-03-10T00:39:51.9508575Z
@Mister. Typical ignorance. Had you truly read what he wrote, he'd get that in the hypothetical situation he brought up, it wasn't him asserting that God exists. His hypothetical situation was one where the atheist was making the assertion. Besides, he can't prove God exists, but you can't prove God doesn't exist. So saying God doesn't exist because the other side lacks proof is a famous fallacy.
Mister_Man says2016-03-10T19:43:43.3480204Z
@Donald - Eh, it didn't come off that way to me. I also never said God doesn't exist because he can't prove it, I'm disagreeing with Harry that he does. Someone makes an assertion, it's up to them to prove it to be true. We don't live in a world where anything anyone says is taken seriously until disproven beyond a reasonable doubt. However the fact that there's zero evidence even suggesting a God exists weighs against anyone who asserts that one does.
Mister_Man says2016-03-10T19:47:46.8986725Z
I wouldn't say that's a "fallacy" either... Someone makes a claim and has absolutely nothing to support it? Chances are their claim isn't true. Although this doesn't PROVE their claim to be not true, it's reasonable to conclude that it isn't. If I said the Earth is going to collide with a rogue asteroid in the next week, would you find that because you can't totally prove me wrong, you'd hug your family and say good bye? No, because you wouldn't believe me. But hey, you not believing me because I haven't provided any evidence is apparently a "fallacy."

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