• Christianity

  • Atheism

40% 25 votes
60% 37 votes
  • I choose atheism. Albeit though, I do not like the title and prefer not be called an atheist. But when put on a religious scale, that would be where I lay. I do not believe in a life after death, I feel it pointless to do so. I do not believe that life has a meaning, for its result would still be the same no matter how interpreted. I believe the conscious is alive when the organism is alive, and when the time has come, it simply isn't. I feel it pointless to believe in a higher power... I ask... If there is really a God, why would it matter? there are simply to many people for him to truly care for one, and it has been shown through the allowance of great evils throughout history. I see reality simply as we allow ourselves to perceive it. I perceive it as the one chance my conscious mind has to be alive, and that i'd prefer to use my limited time to make my mark. Besides, why worry about an end? It does nothing for us now. Simply live in the now and walk forward. Even if evidence existed that God exists, or some higher power exists, what would it actually do for us? What would change? Why would it matter? These are just my views. I do not look for criticsm or to shoot anyone down, merely voicing my opinion and views.

  • can i be pagan please ?

  • More likely

  • There is little to no proof of a god. Science is responsible for the universe.

    Posted by: TobyJL
  • a simple choice... either denial of ignorance, or acceptance of it.

  • I choose Atheism. not because i hate "GOD" because i just started to stop believing in him a few years ago. When i was a Christian and i tried to be the perfect Christian and by reading the bible cover to cover multiple times. But my life turned into total crap losing my mom,dad,sister and my dogs all at the same time at a very young age for a kid and for being raped and abused by people i didn't know. If god was real why would he let this happen to me why would he take the only things i had away from me???

  • I have an intangible, invisible pink unicorn living in my garage that speaks to me. All of my friends know she exists, too. How can a god who created the universe exist when my pink unicorn created the universe?

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Jeholopterus says2016-03-10T00:44:14.9754138Z
I'm a Pandeist. I have a belief with virtually no holes.
Anonymous says2016-06-11T18:40:56.7423480Z
Funny thing, Atheism has caused more deaths than all religions combined... Mostly by Atheistic Regimes.

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