Christianity or Islam?

Posted by: Politics2016

Is Christianity or Islam better?

  • Christianity

  • Islam

76% 37 votes
24% 12 votes
  • More evidence supports a kind, caring creator that made us intentionally with a purpose. I am not swayed to believe that our creator is so hateful against certain people.

  • First of all, Christianity should not be synonymous with the Bible. Christianity has a lot of man-made ideology that been tied into it. However, the Bible is in fact a book of peace. Christian comes from the word Cristianos and was to denounce the followers of Christ from the Romans. Christ never stated a religion! John 7:16. So moving on, I'd say that Islam and it's core beliefs are violent. It teaches to violently subjugate nonbelievers. It's teaches to beat your wife into submission. It teaches that murder those who pay for those who cause mischief in muslim land. The very life of muhammad was full of sin and violence. Now someone will say look at the violence in the Old Testament. Is there violence in the Bible? Yes there is. Now we must understand the context it is used in. The Caanites in the bible were evil people and very brutal. They were punished for those crimes they were even given ample time to repent for their crimes. The Old Covenant was for the Nation of Israel and we are no longer under the same covenant now that the prophecy has been fulfilled by Jesus. All in all, the Bible is not evil because its final marching orders is about peace and love while the Qu'ran is about death and violence.

  • The founding pillars of Christianity are love, grace, compassion and fellowship, Many of the great principles imbedded in our society come from the Bible. The greatest doctrine of Christianity is the concept of unconditional love (love that has no boundaries). Christ is a figure in history that cannot be compared. His ministry of love and peace will stand firmly for ages to come. Christianity has positively influenced the world more than the other world religions combined.

  • True Christianity is the only faith that deals with the issue of salvation. All other belief systems teach that the good that you have accomplished must outweigh the bad. However, in Christianity, Christ willingly sacrificed himself on the cross for us. That means that the good things that we accomplish on earth should be out of love for Him and for yourself. Islam is a very violent religion that teaches to kill those who convert, it promotes the raping of innocent women and hate. Unlike Muhammad, Christ did not kill anyone and forgave those who crucified him. But now He is in heaven t the right hand of His Father, and there is still time to accept him as your savior.

    Posted by: ljolly
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CuriousFear says2016-09-23T13:13:26.9032164Z
It's not about which one is better or fits your lifestyle, it is about which one is true and it is obvious that Islam is the true religion of God.
MiraclePress says2016-09-23T13:40:13.1569053Z
I don't think either of them are true
reece says2016-09-23T14:04:16.3718589Z
@CuriousFear Fear is rational when you're curious. It helps you have a clear mind when you find a lion hiding in the pasture.
David_Debates says2016-09-23T14:05:42.0480841Z
It's best to research the religions. After all, that is the only way to know more about them.
Anonymous says2016-09-23T14:38:24.6810650Z
Islam is total garbage. Never does someone convert to Islam, most of the time anyway. For the most part, they are born into it.
Confucius1 says2016-09-23T18:28:21.3717981Z
Islam is trash.
Politics2016 says2016-09-23T19:01:11.4057331Z
As a devout Christian, and someone who would rather die than denounce Christ, you can't really prove any religion.
straightup.gong says2016-09-26T13:29:06.0474481Z
Sciguy: My friend converted to Islam and she's more than happy ever since she did.
kikiki says2016-12-03T19:40:57.5947802Z
This is so fucking hard to pick. Both are violent, ancient religions brought by made up people. Wait, do we even know if Muhammad was real?

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