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Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is the absence of belief that any deities exist. Atheis... m is contrasted with theism, which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.The term atheism originated from the Greek ἄθεος, meaning "without god", used as a pejorative term applied to those thought to reject the gods worshipped by the larger society. With the spread of freethought, skeptical inquiry, and subsequent increase in criticism of religion, application of the term narrowed in scope. The first individuals to identify themselves using the word "atheist" lived in the 18th century.Arguments for atheism range from the philosophical to social and historical approaches. Rationales for not believing in any supernatural deity include the lack of empirical evidence, the problem of evil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, rejection of concepts which cannot be falsified, and the argument from nonbelief. Although some atheists have adopted secular philosophies, there is no one ideology or set of behaviors to which all atheists adhere. Many atheists hold that atheism is a more parsimonious worldview than theism, and therefore the burden of proof lies not on the atheist to disprove the existence of God, but on the theist to provide a rationale for theism   more
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Christianityis a monotheistic religion centered on the life and teachings ofJesus of Nazareth as presented in the Holy Bible. Christiansbelieve Jesus to be the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in theOld Testament. With an estimated 2.1 billion ... adherents in 2001,Christianity is the world's largest religion. It is the predominantreligion in Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, the PhilippineIslands, Australia, and New Zealand. Itis also growing rapidly in Asia, particularly in China and SouthKorea. Christianity began in the 1st century AD as a Jewishsect, and shares many religious texts with Judaism, specifically theHebrew Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament. Like Judaism and Islam, Christianity is classified asan Abrahamic religion   more
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Pomagranite says2014-05-16T17:46:36.5820718-05:00
@crescendo No hope is better than false hope.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T17:49:01.8327407-05:00
@Pomagranite Well, there is a logical defense of the existence of a deity. Deists, people who believed solely in following logic and intuition rather than blind faith, understood this in their heyday. That is not to say that everything they believed is automatically correct, of course.
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T17:51:12.6847019-05:00
@Impact94 I don't think how that can change what Pomagranite said.
Crescendo says2014-05-16T17:51:14.5098902-05:00
@Pomagranite I disagree. You might as well die happy, right? What good does knowing your fate do you when this knowledge doesn't help you at all and it only causes you to despair? Of course, this entire argument of yours relies on the assumption that Christianity is false.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T17:52:38.0180829-05:00
@ArcTimes Well, I think that it could change what Pomagranite said on the basis of there existing a valid proof of the existence of a deity, there thereby creating a valid hope as a result.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T17:57:15.2537986-05:00
What is happy about dying and going to be judged by a god with a morality that doesn't even make the standard of today. What if I don't like slavery? What if I don't think you should be punished for envy or lustful thought or free thinking in general. I mean the first commandments are; you have to worship me, you cannot say anything bad about me and you cannot make images I wouldn't approve of. The christian idea of a god is a dictator who cannot even be up to the moral level of many humans? It's do everything I say, beg for forgiveness when you don't and worship or I will send you to a horrible place forever. Why would I be happy to see that guy when I'm dead?
Pomagranite says2014-05-16T17:58:12.9700062-05:00
Well, the question asks about atheists or Christians. I think it would be much better to hope in nothing at all instead of hoping in something that may or may not exist.
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T17:59:56.0741986-05:00
@Impact94n Valid proof of god would not make any religion right. Proving god doesn't make any hope real, not religious hope of course. But even with that, god has not been proven. @Crescendo It relies on the assumption that there is no evidence for Christianity.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:02:14.5828062-05:00
And there isn't any evidence for it so.... Wouldn't not believing it make the most sense?
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:02:31.1225986-05:00
@Charliecdubs I don't really believe in that kind of a deity myself, Charliecdubs; from what I understand, the Christian God said that the greatest commandment was to "love your neighbor as yourself". This is really an overarching commandment, ranging from (what you mentioned) slavery, mistreatment, etc. Of course the omniscient God of Christianity would logically have to understand human flaws and errors enough to understand where humans are coming from. He understands libido, understands envy, and I think even supports free thought, as that is what seems to have been encouraged by him in the gospels added to the collective artifacts of the man-made Bible.
godsnumberis7 says2014-05-16T18:04:15.8297986-05:00
Well, all he asks for is our forgiveness he doesn't say oh you need to never do that again before you can go to heaven or say some harsh thing like that or like you have to do something really good for a whole year to go to heaven.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:05:21.7360062-05:00
@ArtTimes I'm not saying God has been proven or can be proven; what I'm saying is if the possibility of God is a valid one (in the same way that one might say the possibility of the multiverse is a valid possibility). If we are to assume that there is a God who may have ensured a utopian future for all, and that the evidences for such a God is valid, then it may be safe to assume that there is a valid hope in store for humanity
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T18:10:23.5061986-05:00
@Impact94 The problem is that the arguments used by apologist are usually fallacies and don't add more viability to god. In other words it makes god as possible as it was when we didn't anything about the natural world. The comparison doesn't make god's hope more real. And yes, I'm talking about hope.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:11:23.8469986-05:00
Actually no he makes it very clear that he is above all, that you have to love him first that you have to worship him. He also makes it very clear you cannot lust or envy and think or say anything bad about him. He is also perfectly fine with slavery the whole way the the Bible. And I know that the gospels have different ideas from each other because if several people all make up a story in different time periods it wouldn't look the same. I am just saying if that god existed he is ok with slavery and has a very poor opinion of where women should be in society, he does not want you to think freely because if you think or say something he doesn't like you will be punished because that would be a sin to him. I'm not saying anything out of the box here it's just what the book says, which I have read.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:11:41.5964599-05:00
@ArcTimes Many apologists, but not all
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:13:17.0222716-05:00
The idea that the golden rule was invented by or is the most important thing to the christian god is simply not true according to the christian texts
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T18:14:18.2679345-05:00
@Impact94 You agree that they were not able to prove god. If all their arguments were made to prove god, then they are fallacies. Even if you want to argue that god has not been proven because of empirical evidence, every single argument, from the cosmological arguments to the design arguments, have fallacies on them.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:15:01.8387345-05:00
And NO are you insane the possibility of a god is not in any way up to par with a scientific theory, one is made out of thin air the other is made out of testable facts.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:16:15.1899345-05:00
@Charliecdubs Well it appears to say in Romans 5:18-19 that all will be brought into this future utopian society; as for the women's place, I am not an expert of the Bible but I have a feeling you may be making a reference to 1 Timothy 2:2, although I would say that was written by a human being and certainly not by God; and I cannot see how "loving my neighbor" equates to "enslaving my neighbor" either; and I am not sure if there is anything in the Bible which says that it is a sin to use free thought either, as paul himself implies that many of the early christians had varying thoughts and opinions in the opening chapter of 1 Corinthians
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:16:30.3063345-05:00
Good point all the arguments for a god are fallacies
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:18:37.9013986-05:00
@ArcTimes I understand why the cosmological/teleological/ontological arguments are fallacious, and I would not use them personally to prove the existence of God; you could, in theory, use them to prove the existence of any non-existant being
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:20:00.6717330-05:00
Again are you insane it says women cannot speak till spoken to in holy places, it says loads upon loads of things about how slaves are a good thing and the commandments specifically say you cannot think or say anything negative about him and you cannot lust or envy... So you cannot think what you want, thought crime. I don't think you realy know what you are talking about I feel you desperately want something to be true regardless of facts..... :/
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T18:20:55.8053986-05:00
@Impact94 Cool, then my points reminds. Pomagranite is not that crazy. The hope for god is as real as the hope for a non existent being. We can't tell a non existent being from god. There is no way to test it.
Impact94 says2014-05-16T18:21:53.3225986-05:00
@Charliecdubs the Bible is not the literal word of God, but rather a collection of ancient documents from an ancient/outmoded time.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-16T18:39:07.0692767-05:00
Both are equally false. I choose neither.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:42:21.6000297-05:00
I know it isn't the word of god it is a completely made up story
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T18:43:46.4681986-05:00
@Juan_Pablo So you are a theist, but you are not Christian?
Crescendo says2014-05-16T18:50:19.6505986-05:00
Hmm...The Christians are beating the atheists...This is a big shock to me, as this Site is probably 50% atheist and agnostic.
godsnumberis7 says2014-05-16T18:56:47.8409986-05:00
Ya that is a shock i kinda did this poll to prove their were more atheist than christians
Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T18:58:37.3061986-05:00
I think on this sight its about 50-50 between those with religion and not all the polls go both ways
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-16T19:30:02.3321986-05:00
Well, I'm a Christian, but not in traditional. I do not believe Jesus was perfect nor do I believe his physical resurrection.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-16T19:31:04.7009986-05:00
Correction: "Well, I'm a Christian, but not in the traditional sense. I do not believe Jesus was perfect nor do I believe in the story of his physical resurrection.
godsnumberis7 says2014-05-16T19:33:03.8225986-05:00
@juan_pablo if you don't believe he resurrected than explain why his body has never been found over 2000 years
Mrlowe says2014-05-16T19:36:15.4997986-05:00
@godsnumberis7 We've never found the body of a random peasant that died around that same time period... Maybe HE was the messiah too!
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-16T19:36:28.5308484-05:00
What I mean to say when I state that I'm a "Christian" is that I'm a follower of Jesus; I do not mean that I'm an unflinching follower of the New Testament or even of the many beliefs spread by Christians. I think Jesus shared with mankind some important information that can be very useful to us, but I do not believe he was perfect nor do I believe that everything he stated was necessarily correct.
Crescendo says2014-05-16T19:37:19.1378972-05:00
So you're one of those "He was a good man" kind of people?
ArcTImes says2014-05-16T19:41:03.7634220-05:00
@Mrlowe We can't find the body of non existent people either. Now we have infinite messiahs to worry about lol.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-16T19:49:06.4272967-05:00
Crescendo, yes. But don't get annoyed with this. History will remember me as "he was a bad person who tried to be good", which I consider very, very humbling.
giraffelover says2014-05-16T23:03:22.6667023-05:00
How about the fact that 11 of the 12 apostles died, some of them by crucifixion? Why would they die for something they knew was a lie? They were in a position to know whether what they were defending was true or not. They saw his miracles and heard Him speak.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-17T08:13:28.0867804-05:00
Ok well first off there is no evidence or record of any kind of the apostles so bringing them up requires just as much faith there are loads of alternate versions of there lives that were written in the time of the gospels so if they were real and existed at that time why so many versions with completely different endings? Also they could have thought it was true even if they were real people 100% sure but why would them dying justify anything, people died fighting for Muhammad when he was around does that mean Islam is true? People died for Hitler does that make fascism true? No you cannot just say "So these 12 guys that might have been real died for him so he has to be correct". You see the problem here?
yetifivepecks says2014-05-19T21:38:17.8429426-05:00
Dragonaut111 says2014-05-28T21:52:54.9274160-05:00
Both the same, both believe in something they cannot prove.
Loveshismom says2014-06-01T07:35:40.8059294-05:00
@Charlie "What is happy about dying and going to be judged by a god with a morality that doesn't even make the standard of today." Judgement is not God's primary characteristic and there's an easy way to get to heaven now where you don't lose your salvation. All you have to do is admit to Jesus that you have sinned and accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior through prayer. God is also a much higher being and therefore not subject to human morals. "What if I don't like slavery?" Slavery has nothing to do with God, Christianity, or the Bible. "What if I don't think you should be punishe for envy or lustful thought or free thinking in general." The only reason God punishes you for envy or lustful thought is because He wants to have a good relationship with you. He also wants you to be a Christian on your own free will because otherwise you don't have a real relationship with Him. Didn't Jesus say "follow me with all your heart or not at all"? I mean the first commandments are; you have to worship me, you cannot say anything bad about me and you cannot make images I wouldn't approve of. The christian idea of a god is a dictator who cannot even be up to the moral level of many humans? It's do everything I say, beg for forgiveness when you don't and worship or I will send you to a horrible place forever. Why would I be happy to see that guy when I'm dead?
Loveshismom says2014-06-01T07:39:48.1010806-05:00
^Sorry I left that quote out of quotation marks. "I mean the first commandments are; you have to worship me, you cannot say anything bad about me and you cannot make images I wouldn't approve of." The TCs, like anything else in the Bible are about more than just morality. They are about a relationship with God. "The christian idea of a god is a dictator who cannot even be up to the moral level of many humans?" God isn't a dictator. Why else would he have sent His own Son to be crucified so everyone could get to heaven?

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