Christianity vs. Communism

Posted by: debate_power

Can person be, in full, both communist and Christian?

  • Yes

  • No

74% 17 votes
26% 6 votes
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debate_power says2014-11-10T17:33:43.0397462-06:00
I can see how this is going to go already.
PetersSmith says2014-11-10T17:35:23.6467258-06:00
Debate_power: Then why'd you bother making two polls about it?
debate_power says2014-11-10T17:36:06.6102274-06:00
I didn't make two polls about it. This is about Christianity, a specific theist branch.
PetersSmith says2014-11-10T17:37:46.1407794-06:00
Debate_power: People will generally attribute it to Christianity anyways.
kasmic says2014-11-10T17:39:55.4212942-06:00
For what it is worth, even as a theist, I do believe that religion is used as an opiate of the masses.
debate_power says2014-11-10T17:40:45.6545822-06:00
I actually agree with you too... Remember the Christian Right?
Tonius5 says2014-11-11T09:29:58.3507789-06:00
@atheist-eo It promotes charity, not taxes. Jesus would want you to give to the poor from your own heart, not being forced to at gunpoint.
debate_power says2014-11-12T16:27:56.4826447-06:00
That's right.

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