Christians: Do you believe God intends for a certain candidate to win tonight?

Posted by: Politics2016

  • Yes.

  • No.

58% 7 votes
42% 5 votes
  • He could intend for Trump to win to save America. He could also use a Clinton presidency to give America a much needed wake up slap. Either way, it is in His hands.

  • According to the stances on the issues, I think it's safe for me to say that Donald Trump is the one God appoints and Hillary Clinton is Satan's candidate.

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Huitzilopochtli says2016-11-08T23:24:07.6607136Z
First off, I'm not Christian-- and second, if you believe that God intends "for a candidate to win," that presumes God has an opinion. Even so, it also presumes that he will do something about it-- which negates free will. Your own scripture, by the way, tells you not to presume to know the mind of God..
Politics2016 says2016-11-09T23:25:17.8965138Z
@SamIAm and @ Huitzilopotchli. Thanks for skewing the damn poll. I specifically said in the poll "Christians," meaning this poll is for Christians only.
Politics2016 says2016-11-09T23:27:30.9497667Z
I don't mind if you comment down here, but this poll was only to be voted on by Christians.
Mharman says2016-12-07T13:30:20.8157751Z
@Sam_I_Am: I could not, would not on a boat, Agree with the crap talking you just wrote.

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