• Hero

  • Villain

26% 6 votes
74% 17 votes
  • He committed genocide against a small nation/

  • Even though he discovered America and other countries, he used the natives as slaves and exposed them to harsh conditions as well as pawns to other European countries that were bad and nearly wiped of the native population. In addition he prostituted young native girls so overall he's not the best person in the world

  • He sucks so much. He seriously treated Native Americans like trash. He represents curse for the European continent and Europeans should have never come to the Americas. Flippin Europeans used to be extremely racist back then and would treat others of a different race like trash. Today, humans are still flippin speciesists today. Just because an animal is not human, doesn't justify mistreatment against him/her. Humans are animals too and I know God would say that too. Senselessness and love don't mix. Period. Survival of the fittest? Bolshevik. Survival of the fittest encourages selfishness.

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TBR says2015-07-21T18:36:53.1666220-05:00
Both and neither. For his time, he was no villain.
58539672 says2015-07-21T21:08:52.8255719-05:00
Renegader says2015-07-21T23:14:46.6246529-05:00
What TBR said
lopezlu says2015-07-23T10:42:11.3456302-05:00
To the Europeans and all those who can trace their lineage to Europe he is a hero but to all the natives who died he was their Hitler (sic).
Varrack says2015-08-10T16:51:22.5468701Z
Columbus never landed in North America, he visited various Carribean islands as well as parts of Central and South America. Some people need to learn their history
face1995 says2015-08-10T17:43:22.3341458Z
The Caribbean Islands are still part of America, just not on the main continent. I already knew that Christopher Columbus never landed on America main continent
ColumbusSux says2018-09-02T19:25:07.2325532Z
Columbus is totally a villain. People may say that he discovered America, But lets be real, He thought it was Asia, AND he wasn't even the first person to discover America. All he wanted was fame. But he killed a lot of native americans and was a totally cruel person. He even was arrested for killing so many native americans, But was able to "convince" (totally bribed) the queen to vote in favor of him. COLUMBUS IS A VILLAIN, AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE. (Plus, He was the one who gave us the idea of slavery and the whole black/white controversy. He took slaves from the trading posts on the West side of Africa and thats how the whole issue started. So basically he started a war too?

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