• Classical music

  • Dubstep

85% 22 votes
15% 4 votes
  • Like the paintings of van Gogh vs. some toddler's scribblings.

  • Please no screeching music. We are talking about works of art.

  • Any thing other than dubby.

  • Most definitely. Classical music requires a lot of talent to compose.

  • You need so much time, effort, and talent to be able to create a work of classical music. You just need an hour and a space bar for dubstep.

  • Classical is the root of music you could say. It is a further and developed version of the Baroque Music. Classical not only explores lots of instrumentation like the cello and double bass, which is used in some dub-step music, but also allowing the whole idea of experimental instrumentation. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Mahler..etc have truly seen better days in making and "feeling" the music than Dub-step artists who depends on their software and loops of loud noises.

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HeavyReader says2014-05-20T07:06:17.0678356-05:00
I play the violin. Love it so much. <3
NiamC says2014-05-20T07:07:48.8693515-05:00
It is nice to see people who like classical on this sight. It is even better to see someone who plays such a wonderful instrument. P.S I play the Violin and other stuff...
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T08:00:48.3121213-05:00
I play piano
Wilh3lm says2020-05-04T14:52:11.4246173Z
Classical definitely. I play piano and am currently listening to Boléro by M. Ravel.

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