• Hillary Rodham Clinton

  • Berne sanders

21% 7 votes
79% 27 votes
  • As bad as she is, at least she wouldn't ruin our economy. Bernie Sanders would.

  • Clinton could ruin everything except for the economy. Sanders could ruin everything including the economy.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • girl power

    Posted by: GPeach
  • She actually has realistic debates and thoughts while sanders will bring this country to its knees

  • I regard Hillary Clinton as a bad person who would do bad things. I regard Bernie Sanders as a good person who does not realize that his goals, while mostly good, are unrealistic.

  • At least I can trust Bernie to be honest with the American people whereas Clinton is a lying crook.

  • Regardless of policy, on which I would prefer the more moderate Clinton, Sanders has, as far as I can tell, a better character, which I believe is more important in a president.

  • Feel the Bern. Come on, with a motto like that no one but Sanders can win.

  • He dose have the best recorded in making quality decisions, and looking at all of the consequences of his decisions before making. them.

  • she is a bad person

  • I would love either one of them as our next President, however I am primarily a Sanders supporter.

    Posted by: benhos
  • clinton is criminal

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meep909 says2016-02-29T20:06:24.3270423Z
Sanders. Defenitly
Carolean_Karl says2016-03-03T16:42:04.6101035Z
@meep909 *Definitely, and yes, I'm that a-hole on the internet that corrects everyone's spelling.

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