Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Posted by: kermithefrog

Just wanted to know.

Poll closed on 11/23/2018 at 4:00AM.
  • Coca Cola

  • Pepsi

65% 20 votes
35% 11 votes
  • Many people believe that coca cola is better than pepsi. I however, Disagree, Because both drinks have their ups and downs, And i think you can like whatever drink you like. I personally like Pepsi, Because of the sweet bitter taste and no aftertaste. You can like whatever you want, But pepsi is my choice.

    Posted by: tobbin
  • Coca Cola feels acidic in the mouth and down the throat to me. Pepsi feels a lot "smoother. "

  • Pepsi is obviously the preferred choice by many people. Pepsi is the drink of the south, I should know, I'm from Alabama. Pepsi has more of a unique taste with an exquisite aftertaste. It allows you the sole comforting flavor that anyone could enjoy.

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