• Coca-Cola

  • Pepsi

72% 18 votes
28% 7 votes
  • Coke all the way! It just tastes better... actually it probably tastes about the same, but unwarranted, illogical loyalty to a brand isn't always a bad thing.

    Posted by: Mrlowe
  • I'll say Pepsi; they've learned better than to depend on soft drinks, and branched out into the larger food market, and it's paid off in the soft drink business too, as large retailers switch to Pepsi from Coke.

  • coke has some really bad chemicals in it

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Maddyandalax says2014-05-13T08:56:25.6698657-05:00
Because it tastes better
Kreakin says2014-05-13T16:27:39.7816847-05:00
Either...Long as it's chilled.

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