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21MolonLabe says2016-03-03T14:18:45.2194797Z
RC Cola
peetaur says2016-03-14T23:47:11.3519978Z
Neither... They taste like synthetic garbage, and are loaded with sugar. You probably have to be a sugar addict to like those things. Drink raw milk or water instead. And sugar sources should have fiber to be healthy, such as in fruit. That way the bacteria in your gut digest the sugar before you get a chance to, reducing its effective toxicity (and making you fart).
Wiseupjardimdasamericas says2016-05-18T18:51:42.9136334Z
In my opinion coke is better than pepsi because it is more delicious it is not as sweet as pepsi and, coke's can is more beautiful. Coke has more gas than pepsi finally, for me coke is perfect

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