Command and Conquer 1

Posted by: dbushwacker

War Scenarios are fine and all, but what will you do when you have the fate of many dependent on you, this is Command and Conquer. You are a lord that has been put in charge of the King's men to see victory over invaders whom have trespassed into the country, the enemy has crossed the border and are marching on a small hamlet near the coast. Your forces are assembled but the enemy will be upon the hamlet in 2 days. What do you do?

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Assume Guerrilla Tactics

You dispatch small companies of troops to the outlying forestry around the trails leading to the castle and villages, you may not be able to rally as many levies from the nearby villages but you will be able to harass and delay the invaders on their...  march to you   more
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Force March

You can beat the invaders to the hamlet if you force march your men through the night. You're men will be very tired near the end of the march but you will have arrived in time to prep some defenses before they arrive.
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You might not be able to beat the invaders to the village without tiring your troops, but your advisers tell you that you will likely arrive at the hamlet in the midst of the attack. Some of the village may be destroyed, but you can engage the enemy...  during their raid when their ranks aren't formed   more
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You won't be able to make it to the village in time to keep your men fresh, so you must abandon it to its fate. Rather you look to fortify the castle and its surrounding villages that are closer at hand by erecting barricades and levying more men fo... r service. It is an unfortunate sacrifice but there is little else you can do but wait   more
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Scorched Earth

You dispatch your troops to burn everything between you and the invaders - the forests, crops, and buildings - to deprive the invaders of much needed resources for their supply lines. Other nobles and the peasantry will be outraged, but the enemy wi... ll be hard pressed for resources and may suffer from attrition if they choose to march on   more
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PetersSmith says2015-04-08T15:59:44.8822318-05:00
You put too much effort into these.
DawsonBruno says2015-04-08T16:52:31.7631842-05:00
DawsonBruno says2015-04-08T19:46:03.0411257-05:00
Peter, you one to talk...
58539672 says2015-04-08T22:32:04.8836296-05:00
I actually spent about 15 minutes staring at the screen debating with myself which option is the best course of action. Looking forward to the next one.
dbushwacker says2015-04-09T08:23:46.4718789-05:00
Good, because I'm going off you're votes for the next one. :) I'm surprised more people didn't consolidate, I sure would have but it looks like guerrilla tactics it is, I'll post the next one here at 1:20 or so.

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