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No. Capitalism.

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I like Patrick but no communism.

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BoomBox21 says2018-03-25T23:03:55.8631981Z
Socialism should be an option
spore777 says2018-09-08T17:44:41.9893922Z
If any of you actually believe what you are typing, You are either ignorant of communist literature and communist history, Or. . . . . . . Well i'll leave it there. Where as the communist literature is good at pointing out the flaws of capitalism, Capitalism has increased the quality of life for more people than in all of history. Communism forgets one important detail, Human nature. Communism cannot work because people are involved. All we have ever seen is the dictatorship of the 'proletariat' without end, And never a stateless society as promised. Slavery and mass murder, The destruction of the community, Family and friends forced to turn on each other, Mass paranoia, This is what really happens.
Anonymous says2019-11-26T15:50:57.9452290Z
Communism is stateless, Classless, Moneyless society, Where all means of production are owned by society and everyone works according to their ability and receives according to their need. There is no need for money because everything is automated, Thus long-term it puts us in post-scarcity civilization. Without money everyone is classless and with that there is no need for states since everyone is self-sufficient. In socialist society there is no private property, There are public (worker run coops, Public companies) and personal (house, Car, Fridge, TV, Garden) properties. In capitalism there is predominantly private property protected by the state. There is no need for capitalist society which glorifies competition and profit rather than cooperation and well-being of society. Capitalism doesn't reward workers according to their merit, Wages stagnated (https://www. Epi. Org/productivity-pay-gap/). The wealthiest 1% have power to influence politics and bribe politicians who would in return support them. The wealthiest 1% owns half of the world's wealth (https://www. Theguardian. Com/inequality/2017/nov/14/worlds-richest-wealth-credit-suisse) which means they can outsource and evade taxation easily. Fraudsters in banks through financial crisis benefited quite well, Yet unpunished.

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