• Capitalism

  • Communism

76% 13 votes
24% 4 votes
  • Because capitalism shows that you actually have competition and are paid based on how hard you work to get up the ladder instead of communism which everyone is equal except rich stay rich.

  • Capitalism is the way to spark an economy and allow it to be on its own, without the influence of another institution or government. The US was able to win the Cold War because of the free marketing and the money that was able to flow through the country's economy. The Nuclear Arm's race was something that the Soviet Union should have won, however, due to the increasing power in the American industry, we were able to stabilize our financial condition and stand up to communist growth, such as during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Due to the spread of communism after World War II and the increase in the powers of the US and the USSR, countries such as Czechoslovakia were inhabited by communist movers, and they destroyed the country. Due to their aggressive movements, the country is still reconstructing itself today.

    Posted by: latty2
  • How much extra work is 50 million dollars? Or how about a billion? In our current system your job is not secure due to unemplyed people willing to take your job. This brings up 2 questions: 1 Are you willing to live your entire life as a replacable wage slave? And 2 Why does unemployement and poverty exist? I do not know abput your thoughts on the first question but the answer to the latter is capitalism

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