Community vs Modern Family

Posted by: IftikhaarAziz

Two of the best comedy TV shows right now. But which is the best?

  • Community

  • Modern Family

29% 4 votes
71% 10 votes
  • They are so popular, to view one of the six seasons, you have to PAY per episode.

  • Modern family is more watchable because of the ideas and the situational humour. In this repect and just the enjoyable characaters (Phil DUnphy yo) just creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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lannan13 says2015-05-22T12:21:45.2855456-05:00
Both are just terrible.
AveyC says2015-06-12T08:12:46.2312639-05:00
I cannot decide I am truly in love with both and try to watch both everyday!

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