• Conservative

  • Liberal

67% 20 votes
33% 10 votes
  • Of course.

  • Small government and a Constitutional Republic are what's needed to keep this country thriving. Big government and endless taxes, piled with violation of basic human rights and a culture of progressivism that erodes your brain cells, are not.

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TheChristian says2016-09-26T23:32:52.6866674Z
Why is the Liberal one bigger? Because, due to the psychological factors in our brain, we always think that bigger is better. It's a primitive instinct. This user is likely a liberal and selected, subconsciously, the larger one to be the Liberal option.
brycef says2016-09-26T23:54:20.1217855Z
It seems more likely that "liberal" is bigger because it's a shorter word, so there's more room for text. When you enter more characters into a template image, you have to make the text smaller to fit everything.
Snugent433 says2016-09-27T09:27:00.3533908Z
Go lib dems conservatives = pain
benhos says2016-09-27T17:36:22.7597011Z
The word "liberal" has been hijacked by centrist Hillary trolls. So, my answer is, socialist. :3

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