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  • The pc experience will never live up to what a console can do until late in its life time. When a game is made for pc it must be made for various types of hardware/ software because everyone does not have the same pc. But on a console the developer knows what they are working with and can make the game perfect for just that console.

    Posted by: G7
  • PC master race.

  • If you disagree, you are an uneducated peasant.

  • rts always rts the fact is console games are restricted to a couple of different types while pcs can do anything

  • Superior in every way folks

  • You have no life if you disagree

  • Wtf? That guy's comment who said console gaming. PC is best platform for gaming. You can build a great PC for cheap and use it for 100% more things than you can use for the console.

  • PC games, you can enter cheats.

  • PC has gmod, half life 1 and 2 ( and the episodes),l4d has dlc for free on steam, it has css,cs,tf2 ( the not the non-inhabited xbox orange box version), and it has the other valve games.(+ you can mod most of the valve games)

  • Not to mention you can use it for more than just video games

  • You can't upgrade consoles, consoles are weaker than even lower end gaming PCs, PCs have mods and console commands, you can buy PC games for incredibly cheap with Steam and the list goes on and on.

  • Raising PC to 80% for GabeN

  • Mods, better gameplay, faster, more variety of games, better controls and yes better "gwafix"(graphics) if that is all you care about

  • First of all. PC MASTER RACE! PCs are lot more customizable, and you can choose your look and performance in about under 10-30 minutes. Console, you just can't do that. And new games on pc are lik $30, while console are $60. And, if you disagree, you are what we Wealthy PC Noblemen call a filthy console peasant.

  • I don't even know why this is a debatable topic! PCs have better hardware. Period. Those who think otherwise are either seriously misinformed, or are talking about computers that were obviously not made for gaming, like for instance a Macbook Pro. I consider 60 fps 1280p to be the bare minimum, and I don't understand how the 30 fps 720p that consoles produce is considered acceptable for gaming. As for games: I hear console gamers bringing up the topic of exclusives all the time, which is funny, because PCs have way more exclusives that the PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii combined. Most indie games are made for the PC and the PC only. No, their not AAA games, but a game doesn't have to have a budget of a billion dollars to be considered good. Now I'm going to cover cost, which is another big argument that I see console gamers bring up allot. First off: I have a $1000 dollar computer that can crank out over 60 fps on just about every game you throw at it (yes, that includes Crisis 3). Also, I have never spent more that $30 on a game and ill just say I have a ton of them. This brings me to my point: Although computers are more expensive to begin with, consoles cost more in the long run. I'm not saying that a console will most likely end up costing more than a computer after some time, I'm just saying that the cost difference between a console and a computer in terms of cost is not as much as you might have thought. First of all: most games on the pc cost from $10-30. Console games, on the other hand, generally cost about $60. On top of that, you can definitely keep your PC for longer by just making small $50-100 dollar upgrades every couple years. Compare that to buying a whole new $400 console every 5 years to stay up to date, and you see what I mean. In the end, that $200-300 difference that you pay to get a computer rather than a console is pretty fair. I don't think anyone can validly argue that consoles can do more than PCs other than gaming, and that money is for those extra features I.e. Computer programming or composing music (those are just things I do, but there are allot more examples I can think of). Congrats if you actually made it this far!

  • Pc has more and better exclusives, more things to do, and is just plain superior to console

  • PC has more exclusives.

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  • I truly think that in the long run a console will cost more than a pc.

  • All of you console fans where are you writing your arguments? On a console? No! That's one reason why the pc is better: You are going to have a PC weather you like it or not. This brings me to the cost: If you are going to have a PC independent of your gaming device, It is going to cost around 400-450 dollars. By adding the rest 550 you reach a very good gaming PC that can achieve 1080p 60fps instead of 450 for an average PC for work and 450 for a console that achieves 720p 30fps. Also, even though the console does come out cheaper, the cost for the xbox live gold and psn plus add to the money. in two years, the extra membership will reach the 1000 dollars paid for the pc, while you get 24 games. At the first glance, this looks like a good deal, but look at the number of f2p games on steam alone! Another argument console fans use is that consoles are easier to use. NO! if you are going to work for plugging The computer that you have already, a different computer makes no difference. However, plugging in the console is extra work. Thirdly, dirty console peasants say that consoles are more comfortable than the mouse and keyboard. If you try to write a long argument on a website like this with a console, you're going to die of old age. Also, on a PC the amount of shapes and sizes of controllers available is definately more than one, two or three. You can use joysticks, xbox or ps4 like controllers and many more.

  • The first thing i'm going to talk about is performance. Well first you can go out and buy a ps4 or xbox one for about 300 dollars well you can buy a pc for 3oo dollars that can outperform a console not to mention you can slowly upgrade it over time so instead of buying a completely new console you can just spend usually around 10-100 dollars on a component to up your performance which by the way if you aren't familiar with consoles it is not possible with one. The second thing that i'm going to talk about is the games. Now on console there is a wide variety of games but not nearly as much on pc. On xbox you can find 1176 games but on pc there are 15624 games on steam itself which is one of the hundreds of places you can get games from and plus about 40% of the games are free and there are few free games on console which also need a membership that i mentioned at the start. and there are an estimated 10 000 indie game developers worldwide. Also on console there are no mods at all while on pc there are hundreds of thousands of mods that available for 90% of the time completely free. Plus for pc if you go to the right websites you can download games that are in the 1 - 10 dollar range for completely free anything outside of that would be harder to find but still possible. The third thing i'm going to talk about is controllers. Now on console you have two thumbstick to aim navigate for whatever in your games. The problem with this is that it only goes at one speed and that can make it very difficult to do things. With a mouse on the other hand you can move at literally any speed. This can make it much easier to navigate. Another thing would be that on console you only use four of your fingers: your thumbs, your index fingers and the rest of them hold the controller. You might say just move your fingers but in a game like call of duty, counterstrike you have to do things very quickly and this not easy because they are very fast games and on pc you don't have to hold anything because the mouse and keyboard rest on the table. One last thing is if you don't care about this it possible and actually very easy to connect your controller to your pc.

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StoicNation says2015-03-08T11:37:17.5306011-05:00
I will choose consoles because games can be optimized for them, meaning greater performance can be squeezed out of cheaper hardware. Also, consoles hands down beat everything else as far as communication is concerned. On PC you have to rely on old and unpolished VOIP solutions to chat with buddies. Additionally, while keyboard and mouse offers more control, the relatively cheap wireless controller for consoles just give you a nice and more natural experience. Finally, all of the next-gens are running pretty smoothly for being less than half the cost of a decent gaming PC.
StoicNation says2015-03-08T11:39:23.4694321-05:00
AND I HATE NINTENDO. It should not be considered a console. It is a toy for little kids.

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