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83% 19 votes
17% 4 votes
  • PC Master Race. But in all seriousness. The PC has more potential to run bigger games with better graphics at smoother frame rates.

    Posted by: roun12
  • Consoles have FPS limits and it's easier to aim with a mouse. It's also easier to upgrade a personal computer than it is to upgrade a console.

  • i like PC but i must admit that the next-gen consoles are pretty good compared to the current-gen ones but PC will always be better.

  • I hate all of this pc master race sayings, it annoys me, not only that, but they also say all hail the glorious pc master race, long live the glorious pc master race, and console peasants, really? Console peasants? Sounds like Hitler is back. If the pc was truly superior, people wouldn't have to invade Xbox or PlayStation sites and say pc master race.

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debate_power says2015-05-02T11:20:19.5278743-05:00
PC Master Race!

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