• Yes, Conspiracy theorists are dangerous

  • No, Conspiracy theorists are not dangerous

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • Conspiracy theories can cause people to believe in the wrong things

  • Conspiracy theorists can spread dangerous fake news like that all vaccines are dangerous, So people who believe them will possibly die from preventable diseases and illness

  • Conspiracy theory's: "covid doesn't exist" "vaccines are bad" Yeah off course, Not dangerous. There are some that are just nonsense and really don't harm anyone, Like terraplamism

  • Stupidity can bring about the downfall of a society. Conspiracy theorists want us to follow them and strongly oppose scientists and NASA, Who they perceive as threats to their attempts at controlling the narrative. We have to be on our guard and fight ignorance with knowledge.

  • Some of them are, Where their conspiracies become too serious and can lead to destruction/murder/etc. People who do it in their own basement (or their mother's) on dead forums are fine.

  • The news is boring, These idiots are top-tier entertainment!

  • A bit of a broad question, But looking at conspiracy theorists as a whole, They are not dangerous. Conspiracy theorists are only dangerous when they present misinformation that may lead people to poor judgement that can endanger themselves or hinder progress. For example, A conspiracy theorist that denies the existence of Covid is dangerous when they allow said views to stop them from getting vaccinated, Or if they convince others not to get vaccinated. However, Tame conspiracy theorists exist as well. People that deny Americans landing on the moon, Or people that think 9/11 was an inside job don't post a threat to themselves or anyone around them, And would not be considered dangerous. All in all, Conspiracy theorists as a whole aren't dangerous. It depends on the conspiracies in question and how they act upon them.

  • They may quicken society's demise but the idiotic thought processes are the underlying problem, Not the theory that exploits those processes.

  • Of course not! Its just people opening others eyes and seeing whats behind the government.

    Posted by: platy
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