Corporate vs. Social Welfare

Which costs the U.S. More money: corporate or social welfare?

  • Corporate Welfare

  • Social Welfare

20% 6 votes
80% 24 votes
  • We did well even before we invented money

    Posted by: wn
  • Not a big fan of welfare in general. It should be rare and temporary but if we are going to have it, I would prefer social welfare to corporate anyday.

  • prv chairty is more efficent than gov welfare. more goes to the poor than to tyrants. and more is spent on trying to help the poor be independent, rather then force them to be dependent like gov-welfare. prv chairty is preferable because the consumer is incentivised to spend in the most efficent way, unlike taxes where the tax payer has no choice and is often forced to pay for inefficent and sadistic programs. currently prv chairties cant afford to care for all the poor because gov supresses chairty, trade, and independnce via supressive regs/restrictions/taxes, resulting in more poor people, higher prices of products/services, less good jobs, and less people being able to afford to give to chairty. gov via overly supressive regs/taxes/restirctions, is the cause of 75%+of poverty/homelessness, and the main reason everyone cant afford their own healthcare/health insurance and a good education. gov needs to let people grow gardens, and use and live on the land for their indpendent survival. gardening is cheaper, easier, faster, yummier, and healthier than constantly going to the grocery store, with cheap toob for drip irrigation connected to a rain barrel(as long as you not in the desert). large food trees are no maintence should be planted all over.

  • One in four voted for corporate well fare. Amen humanity.

  • After every Congressional Budget is automatic spending (entitlements) and then discretionary (education, military, etc.). After automatic is done, we're barely paying the bills

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Corporate welfare is 3x more than social welfare but nothing trickles down.

  • Corporations get enough tax breaks why should they get handouts also? it's the corporate worshiping state of the US which has led to its down fall. When we people learn.

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A.K says2014-04-18T22:08:02.5702597-05:00
FeelTheBern says2015-08-01T22:11:56.1071822Z
Topic is poorly worded. Half of the comments indicate they picked the wrong answer in confusion.
Troy_the_Destroyer says2015-08-19T08:16:29.5537129Z
Ah yes. Can you change the topic to which welfare do I support? I support social welfare not corporate welfare

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