• Yes

  • No, it is entirely true.

59% 26 votes
41% 18 votes
  • Absolutely. Considering the lack of evidence for it, and the fact that Darwin talked more about the problems of his theory than the proof for it, it should only be seen as a theory not a law or fact.

  • Well it depends. Which evolution are we talking about? There are six different definitions for that word. Five pertain to the religion Evolutionism and the other is the only one with fact (which Creationists discovered). The latter would be microevolution. I believe thoroughly that it is fact and is not even in the slightest false. Evolutionism on the other hand is a religious sect of people that has gained government funding to indoctrinate America and the World with it Humanists and Socialist views. No "evidence" has ever been verified to support this cult in anyway. So I vote yes that the possibility is 100% that Evolutionism is false. jrrjacques at your service

  • Oh, quite certainly.

  • Very, very unlikely... but there is a chance that the theory of evolution is false.

  • There is an overwhelming amount of evidence against evolution. Just because the scientific community says evolution to be a fact doesn't make it so. Most people here have probably never looked into the evidence against evolution and instead listen to what the scientists say (as they are intelligent).

  • of course it could be false, anything could be false.

  • Technically, everything could be false. Our memories could be just planted in our heads by the government

  • I personally believe it is true, but we are not at a place scientifically to be able to definitively affirm it's existence.

  • I don't believe in evolution.

  • Maybeforhumansbut notfor things(Atheist) too

  • There's too much evidence. The entire scientific community and anyone with half an education understands that at the very least its basic principles and tenets hold true. Details and case-by-case observations may be unclear or flawed, but the picture as a whole is certain.

  • I think this is a rather loaded question as almost anyone would admit there is a chance its false regarding the evolution of humans.... albeit a small one. The fact is there are multiple examples of animals going through evolution in the modern era alone (i.e. http://listverse.com/2011/11/19/8-examples-of-evolution-in-action/). So we are fairly certain evolution exists and we are pretty sure it exists in humans as well. Evidence..... pigment of skin and hair adapting to sun exposure. The anti-evolution crowd has a huge burden of proof that I haven't seen refuted with any real evidence.

    Posted by: jscap
  • Chances for evolution to be false are bellow 1%

  • Evolution is not a theory. It is a fact. The evolution of mankind is theory with A LOT more proof and facts to support it than creationism.

  • you homo godlovers are just being lied to

  • I dislike the wording of the question. Science does not deal with absolute statements like "entirely true", but I pick yes to reflect the fact that evolution is the scientific consensus, and it is very, very unlikely to change.

  • As long as we are assuming the laws of logic and other reasonable episomologies, he fact that things evolved is definitively proven as far as any sane person is concerned. As for natural selection being the sole driving force, you are free to look for any other force out there, and if you find evidence, fine by me.

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briantheliberal says2014-05-28T13:12:15.6990097-05:00
It depends on the person and their body size.
briantheliberal says2014-05-28T13:12:37.9030443-05:00
Wait.. Why did that comment post here?
jrrjacques says2014-05-28T14:01:59.4233189-05:00
I don't know
BasicLogic says2014-05-28T14:09:36.8189107-05:00
Well, everything has an indefinitely small chance to happen
micycle says2014-05-28T14:15:36.8431424-05:00
This question presupposes that evolution is [nearly] true and shifts the burden of proof from giving evidence for evolution to giving evidence against it. As a theory, however, it must first provide testable claims of evidence before refutations are expected. This poll seeks to reverse this.
FuzzyCatPotato says2014-05-28T17:33:05.4598506-05:00
This poll is going to show a larger than accurate number of people "not supporting" evolution, because it is "possible" that evolution is flawed, but it is very, very unlikely -- and many people may vote this way.
Flippenout says2014-05-28T22:02:53.7760205-05:00
There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that is against evolution that people tend to overlook or just simply reject. Let me just list a few. 1. The fossil record does not support evolution. Though paleontologists claim to have found a few fossils that are intermediate links, their claims are very questionable. Why can't we find thousands of fossils supporting evolution instead of just a few? 2. Spontaneous generation is not possible. We have never seen any evidence supporting the idea that non-living chemicals can actually form life. Not to mention that the most simple life form's DNA (an amoeba) has 1,000 encyclopedias worth of information. And you expect me to believe that came through chance? Better yet, do you expect me to believe that it came through a process that isn't scientifically supported? It just takes far too much faith to believe that. 3. There are genetic limits in our DNA. 4. Mutations rarely add genetic code to an organism instead they get rid of genetic code in an organism and do not benefit or add complexity to the organism. 5. Molecular biology does not support evolution. For example, when using the amount chromosomes in different organisms we see this (from most simple to complex): Bat, Man, Reptiles, Herring Gull, Dog, Crayfish, and Fern (notice how man is one of the most "simple" life forms in this example). There are so many other example that we can find in molecular biology that seem to contradict evolution. 6. We have never observed macroevolution take place. No matter how many times we breed bacteria and fruit flies we always get new bacteria and fruit flies. Yes, sometimes we see fruit flies give rise to new species of fruit flies however we have never seen any fruit flies give rise to something other than fruit flies. You cannot use microevolution as evidence for macroevolution. 7. There is much evidence support a young earth, which is obviously a major problem for macroevolution. 8. The Universe shows so much design and complexity that evolution fails to explain (such as the first and most "simple" life-form). I just have a hard time believing that the complexity and design of the universe came through random chance (and not through intelligent design).
blackmagicwoman says2014-05-29T11:21:25.0002420-05:00
You're all nerd just leave your opinion and get on with life. No need to give a half a page of comments
jrrjacques says2014-05-29T12:52:43.7153794-05:00
Yes there is. Nerds need to express their infinite well of unuseful knowledge on others somehow. So this DEBATE website is the perfect place to do it. Oh also your vote comment is highly opinionated with no bases of fact and is used as a tool of bullying to attempt to discourage these "nerds" from speaking out against the government funded religion called Evolutionism. Have a nice day. Jrrjacques at your service.
LogicPrevails says2014-05-31T01:05:00.9664744-05:00
Sad seeing the amount of ignorance for the yes side... Really? It should only be seen as a theory DOTT? Do you even know what a theory is in science? You must have failed the third grade.

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