Could Nigeria become a world superpower?

Posted by: SegBeg

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa as well as the most economically developed. They're still facing religious and political difficulties but the are on the verge of becoming a developed nation if these conflicts end.

  • Abuja

  • No.

20% 7 votes
80% 28 votes
  • Yes. All it takes is three things. 1) A stable and standing military to defend/enforce National interests. 2) A developed economy. 3) A unified people under a stable government. Although no one thinks it is imminent, there are many speculators who think that the next Hegemonic Power will be coming out of Africa.

  • It's definitely possibly. With a population of over 180 million and an abundance of natural resources within their territory, Nigeria could be a world superpower in the next 50 years.

  • After the global nuclear war, there will only be Nigeria. Just look at their booming film industry. "Who killed Captian Alex" saved my life.

  • Development is possible. However, becoming a superpower requires more than just being able to grow. It requires authority over other nations and large spheres of influence. We have countries like the US, the EU, China and India competing for this status and this overspills into other continents as it has for years. China is consistently investing in Africa and countries such as France are taking resources that are valuable but require high level technology. Therefore, we are unlikely to see Nigeria become a global superpower as we have other developing powers with a technological advantage.

  • this poll is a joke, right? are you actually asking this question?

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SegBeg says2017-01-30T12:13:20.1390451Z
The green option is meant to be "yes" Abuja's the capital of Nigeria
donaldtrumpisbwoss says2017-02-08T20:06:44.5323029Z
They are black balcks r bad
donaldtrumpisdaddy says2017-02-09T19:35:12.7001628Z
Real Donald trump here and he knows that just like donaldtrumpisbwoss said blacks are bad and do not know how to use superpowers thats why we have the avengers not black people its bad for economy and theyre bad for our eyes to look at. This Donald Trump and i approve this message.
SophiaNwa says2017-05-18T22:09:08.2545526Z
We don't need to focus on being a superpower, we need to focus on having a sustainable economy that is useful to or people, world-class education and health system. Basically, we need to first have a stable country that is safe e.g. no Boko Haram

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