• Yes

  • No

9% 1 votes
91% 10 votes
  • The south society wasn't on the same page as northern society and it was not something that could've been avoided.

  • No way. The South and the North quarreled over many things. There was absolutely no way that they couldn't have settled this unless they engaged in combat.

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • The two sides were in opposition most of the time and their respective cultures were out of sync with each other, with respect to each side's aspirations and morals.

  • Even if the north and south agreed on slavery. They still would have fought over states rights and national rights ( see Morill taxes)

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SweetTea says2014-06-05T16:49:13.6127146-05:00
Possibly. But there were so many variables involved in the Civil War, it would have been a long-shot to peacefully resolve all of them.
bettabreeder says2014-06-05T19:08:01.0307611-05:00
Omg labarum! Your the first one that agrees with me on DDO!!
labarum says2014-06-08T22:25:39.8236259-05:00
Glad to be the first

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