Could the Hunger Games ever happen?

Posted by: thedebater12

Would there ever be a possibility that the "Hunger Games" could happen?

  • Yes, there is a possibility.

  • No, there is not a possibility.

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • It could, if we don't stop Democrats from creating the statist laws that contributed to the problem mentioned in that book

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Not in the form presented, but sure, why not? Just have them sign a waiver, and let them duke it out. Pass the popcorn. I'd do it, if only for the intellectual thrill and the chance to meet new and interesting people.

  • But not the way the books or movies showed it.

  • Like Wyled said. What do you think it means to be a Progressive? This is what all that "progress"will lead to.

  • Itcould happen, but only it would do take awhile, and one dictator would have to have control over the whole country which is even harder, so the possibility is very small, but it's there

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briantheliberal says2015-04-01T23:32:55.4293569-05:00
It could, not necessarily in the way it was depicted in the book or movie.
Episteme says2015-04-02T06:18:55.4658114-05:00
What aspect of the 'Hunger Games' do you mean? As in the games itself or the society in which the 'Hunger Games' is based in? Apparently Suzanne Collins did take inspiration from the gladiatorial games, so in a way, the games themselves have already happened. I believe the society of which the Hunger Games takes place has happened as well in a form throughout history.
Wylted says2015-04-02T07:40:45.1461782-05:00
Ask yourself this. We're the hunger games a society with government overreach like Democrats support or was it a society with a small government that doesn't trample on people's rights like libertarians support?
tcutshaw2 says2015-04-02T12:26:18.2398437-05:00
Possible, but not probable.
UtherPenguin says2015-04-03T14:57:12.2644529-05:00
It probably will happen if we let Barack HUSSEIN 0bama get re-elected.
tcutshaw2 says2015-04-03T15:32:44.3671179-05:00
He already did.

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