Could the US have won the revolutionary war without help from France?

Posted by: triangle.128k

  • Yes, they could have defeated the British without France

  • No, they needed France to win the war

16% 4 votes
84% 21 votes
  • We COULD have, conceivably, but the war would have been very much drawn out and the likelihood of victory would have been much lower. Also, Spain and the Netherlands helped us as well.

  • Eventually the British would have gave up. While it would have been much harder, longer, and violent, the motivation for freedom and the want for a new government would have pushed us to victory.

  • It is very unlike. France's involvement in the war turned what was a regional conflict for the British into a Global War between the British and French empires. Had the threat of another costly and lengthy war not deterred the British, they could have continued to send additional armies after the colonies beat them (after Cornwallis' defeat for instance). That is if we could even defeat them. We won the battle of Yorktown because the French navy and army had all but surrounded the town. The Colonial Army was just given the rights of victory to solidify our new nation, a generous gift from the French.

  • well if the UK was not at war with France and actually cared it could have won rather easily.

  • There are reasons why France and the French people are highly regarded in (most of) America. With specific regards to this topic, if Britain and France had not had their feud, America would have not become independent.

    Posted by: Sarra
  • France saved our hides

    Posted by: Kylar
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biggest_pro_going says2015-09-13T11:24:03.7980417Z
The UK only lost because it was at war with France and didn't care.
Hanspete says2015-09-18T22:46:27.5212199Z
This is a really tough question

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