Could these 10 nations conquere the world?

Posted by: emporer1

I have recently been thinking about whether a mere ten nations could dominate the entire world, if they put aside their fierce rivalries and formed an alliance. In trying to find a particular 10 to choose, I stuck with what I know (as a space expert) and choose the 10 space powers. So, could Russia, the USA, China, Britain, France, India, Japan, Isreal, Iran and North Korea win a war against everyone else on Earth, or would this extremely awkward ten nation alliance lose. Note: the ten nations selected woul

  • The 10 power alliance would win

  • The rest of the world would win

88% 22 votes
12% 3 votes
  • Flat rollover war!

  • Easy

  • only Germany would stand a chance

  • Tbh, the rest of Europe would bitchslap the French.

  • These 10 countries are home to nearly 50% of the world population. The nuclear superpowers (US and Russia) alone could destroy the world ten times fold with all the nuclear bombs they have. If you think about it, some of the countries on your list actually do dominate the world (namely the USA). I would think some of the strongest opponents this 10-nation alliance would face is Germany, Pakistan and Brazil. Other than that, there is no reason for these 10 countries not to dominate the globe.

  • Definitely the 10 power alliance

  • Tats not even a fair fight

  • north korea and the united states have different opinions, so the alliance would end up destroying itself.

  • The 10 countries are too spread out geographically and would get slammed by their neighbours. They would get some territory but not take over the whole world.

    Posted by: Ozzie
  • Although the ten country alliance is a solid, powerful group, they are geographically isolated from one another, allowing them to be easily fought by countries surrounding them. They would also have to face some other VERY strong nations such as Germany, Brazil, and nearly all of Africa, including Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS/IL. The US and Russia alone have enough power to destroy the whole world five times fold, including themselves, and that would be a likely result.

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AnonymousAthiest says2017-01-18T17:14:33.8743250Z
Swap North Korea out for Germany, and yes

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