Creationists only: Do you think every science broadcasting discussing evolution should have equal time for creationism?

Posted by: RaceRealist

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debate_power says2015-02-09T15:53:56.6609820-06:00
Just trying to see what creationists think, huh?
RaceRealist says2015-02-09T15:54:27.0959967-06:00
Yes, but undoubtedly an evolutionist will vote on this poll
debate_power says2015-02-09T15:54:29.0615589-06:00
Do you mind if I do a similar poll directed at atheists, or are you planning on doing one?
RaceRealist says2015-02-09T15:54:46.5020235-06:00
No go ahead. Be my guest
debate_power says2015-02-09T15:58:44.0916507-06:00
briantheliberal says2015-02-09T16:06:22.9880224-06:00
Since I am not a creationist I will just comment here. No, creationism should not be discussed because it is not a valid scientific theory. It should be left in the church or religious based broadcasting. Otherwise, religious people should talk about evolution too.
Cybelle says2015-03-27T08:47:56.8239945-05:00
At the very least, don't act like evolution is the only theory. It's not infallible, and good science that seems to point in another direction should not be thrown away because it doesn't match evolution. Healthy science is a place where different conclusions can be discussed. People watching broadcasting that suggests a few different possibilities should be able to make up their own minds.

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