• Darth Vader

  • Yoda

27% 10 votes
73% 27 votes
  • Yoda is powerful but the dark lord would just over power him so sorry but I got to go with the dark lord]

    Posted by: suc
  • The reason that Yoda would win is that he was with the force more longer then Darth Vader and besides he know more of the force and besides he is with the force and may the force be with you

  • Vader isn't the dark lord. Yoda almost defeated the dark lord. The dark lord is also a lot more experienced.

  • gotta go with yoda, he has more training and control over the force than vader.

    Posted by: red_x
  • shouldn't the green guy with the green light saber be in the green (pro) section, while the guy with the red light saver is in the red (con) section?

  • YODA! He's the oldest and most powerful jedi, and could defeat Darth any day.

    Posted by: 192093
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