DC or Marvel?

Posted by: Numbuh13m

Who is better based on facts about the actual Comics + Movies + Animated + Live Action? Don't base claims on 'how many.' Just because there is an abundance of something does't make it better.

  • DC Comics

  • Marvel Comics

31% 11 votes
69% 24 votes
  • Because they got Batman!

  • Marvel movies are good, but they are based for a younger audience. DC comics are much much better.

  • I think Dc because they have better story lines and I'm saying that marvel doesn't have any good stories but Dc seems to have a better darker tone to them. My favorite DC character is John Constantine. Maybe DC would be more popular if they used some unknown characters like in Justice league dark and have more variety. Not just BATMAN!!!

    Posted by: frobro
  • Because of death, oblivion, infinity and my favorite, Eternity.

    Posted by: reece
  • Marvel seems to have more characters that have a purpose than DC because if you look in the DC encyclopedia then you'll notice many obsolete characters although DC has tried to make a comeback

  • Its so sad to see that there is only one person who voted DC and only said because they have batman.

  • deadpool

  • ultron will defeat killer croc.

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komododragon8 says2015-04-20T11:11:03.4733209-05:00
If only Batman could join marvel than it would be the perfect comic book universe.

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