DC or Marvel?

Posted by: lilithrosewinchester

Which to you prefer more? I cant deside what i like more.....

  • Marvel

  • Dc

62% 15 votes
38% 9 votes
  • It all depends on what kind of hero you like. Marvel tends to be more of the street level vigilante, and DC is like a gods amongst men sort of thing. I personally love both, but I love the more down to earth tone in the stories from Marvel.

  • marvel has all the kick ass characters like dead pool and wolverine

  • I personally prefer Marvel, but I don't know much about DC apart from Superman and Batman. I like Marvel because I feel like there's more variety. I love all the different powers of the X-men and Avengers.

  • two words: Captian America

  • marvel is better because i like ultron better than killer croc.

  • Marvel has better movies, Games, Teams, And shows.

  • BC dc is better marvel sucks

  • dc came first, and their superheroes are very varied. i don't like either company today, though. the comics have gotten too gritty.


  • I chose DC for two reasons. 1. Although I like marvel better I feel as if marvel has created a fan base that is usually ignorant towards D.C (and they usually don't know much about the comics either). 2. DC utilizes its story telling better than marvel. Aquaman: throne of Atlantis alone is considered one of the best comic stories byDC marvel fans alike. Marvel on the other hand simply makes bigger/stronger characters and keeps trying the "omg he's so powerful" factor. Basically is like "oh, hulk is strongest. Wait, here's Galactus, hold on who's this one above all character? Wait, looky here at Franklin Richards. Look over there it's the cosmic jailer! Wait a sec, Galactus is about to take em down."

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Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-04-04T19:02:58.1305279Z
Over the span of their existence I'd say marvel, but recently Marvel has been pandering to anyone who watches the movies and ignoring the fans. DC movies suck lately but at least the comics are still the best.

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