• DC

  • Marvel

73% 32 votes
27% 12 votes
  • I've got DC bc they have more people and more universes and more versions of characters. For example: Green Arrow v.s. Hawkeye. Green Arrow has more skill in archery than Hawkeye even though Hawkeye's arrow are more advanced, Green Arrow has advanced arrows in the New 52. I REST MY CASE.

  • Seriously? there is no question here, Marvel copied off of many of DC's characters. One example is that Green Arrow came out in comics FOUR YEARS before Marvel's Hawkeye. Two of you said that their characters are better, while I do enjoy Spiderman and Captain America, there is no question that DC's characters are more interesting, and no, they aren't all over-powered, while i do agree that Superman is a little over done. Plenty of characters dont even have powers, such as Batman, Green Arrow, Arsenal, Et Cetera. And, on a side note, DC has more female characters.

  • spiderman is boss

    Posted by: chris5
  • The superheros just seem to be more creative, colorful, and more interesting overall. DC is cool also, but a lot of the superheros seem to be overpowered.

    Posted by: zhane
  • Although not stellar, they trump DC with more (generally) more interesting characters, and more limited powers. DC's one redeeming feature is Batman, and unfortunately it's other characters are completely boring.

  • ultron kills killer croc.

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Welliss says2015-05-02T13:06:55.2835067-05:00
It's a difficult choice. I think Marvel has the better heroes but DC has Dexstarr
wheatises2153 says2015-05-05T08:20:50.7368505-05:00
Marvels heros are set up better tho. Plus all the movies and TV shows tie in together as one giant story. Plus Ryan Reynolds is both green lantern and deadpool just pointing that out.

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