DDO is a Liberal leaning website

Posted by: BirdieMachine

IDK seems fairly Liberal

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-08T23:37:00.9168582Z
OMG! I made a poll similar to this: http://www.debate.org/polls/is-ddo-a-communist-tyranny
BirdieMachine says2016-07-08T23:42:44.3432870Z
Seems like it could be that way. Nazi censorships ehhh?
PetersSmith says2016-07-09T00:07:08.9216479Z
The internet is liberal leaning.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-09T18:34:48.0632462Z
@PetersSmith That's definitely not true. Just look at websites like Free Republic, Stormfront, Conservapedia, and 4chan's /pol/ section. There are a lot of conservatives on the Internet; however, many of them belong to the alt-right. Thus, a lot of them are white supremacists, white nationalists, etc. unfortunately.
triangle.128k says2016-07-09T19:21:45.5517235Z
@NLC The religious authoritarian right is worse than the white nationalists.
triangle.128k says2016-07-09T19:58:52.9184014Z
The "alt-right" does not always refer to neo-fascists and white nationalists. It can also refer to more moderate "alt" right wing ideologies such as right wing populism, libertarianism, etc.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-10T23:32:11.7447142Z
@triangle.128k First of all, how the heck are conservative Christians worse than racists? And second of all, I never said that the "alt-right" always refers to neo-fascists and white nationalists. In fact, I myself could be considered "alt-right" because I'm very much anti-establishment and pro-Trump, and I definitely am not a white nationalist. So, if you are assuming that I am in some way against the alt-right and believe all of them are racist and fascist, then you are poorly mistaken. However, one would have to be a complete fool to deny that many alt-righters are racists, although the majority of them (including me) aren't.
BrendanD19 says2016-07-11T00:23:12.7939823Z
@triangle.128k I would beg to disagree. The Alt-Right is far more prone to violence than the religious right.

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