DDO: Is the Site Dieing?

Four years ago, the popular debate would receive an estimated 47,000 views while the average debate would receive 13,000. Now, in 2016, the popular debate receives only 1,000 whilst the average debate receives 260 views. Is the site dieing?

  • Yes, the site is dieing.

  • No, the site is not dieing.

92% 11 votes
8% 1 votes
  • I see it in the polls at least.

    Posted by: reece
  • I was not here from the beginning but have came across old posts. It's safe to assume that audience numbers and participant numbers have dropped dramatically. Is it because we can often see a re-run of the same debates over and over (whether it be by the same user or just a repeated question asked by the DDO community), or has the site been stressed out; we have seen it happen many times. Did people simply get bored quick with DDO? It's certainly not as hyped as it once was. I often wish the numbers would remain at a consistently high level for good/interesting results. Is DDO dying? Maybe in a sense of which we will never see the 'old times' return (hence why I chose Yes); but I do believe DDO has a small dedicated community - and I do think many will join, and partake - but not in the numbers of the past.

  • Yes, but that doesn't mean we can't turn things around.

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zachbyars says2016-10-03T17:03:36.3442544Z

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