Dear conservatives, should mentally ill people be allowed to obtain guns?

Posted by: Sitara

Mentally ill being defined as schizophrenic, bipolar, clinically depressed and such.

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Sitara says2013-09-12T00:07:12.6179210-05:00
Two no votes. Thank God. :)
Atrag says2013-09-12T08:54:32.6645170-05:00
Its a conservative few to exclude people from owning guns due to mental health issues....
TeaPartyAtheist says2013-09-12T15:54:35.8851850-05:00
It depends on the definition of mentally ill.
Sitara says2013-09-12T18:28:00.1162229-05:00
@TeaPartyAtheist: I was posting with schizophrenia, bipolar, in mind.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-12T21:35:41.1369798-05:00
More terrifying is that in many states BLIND people can get licenses for handguns.
devinni01841 says2013-09-12T23:48:35.6404906-05:00
Does that mean blind, or *legally* blind? I used to be legally blind without glasses. Now my vision is way better and I can shoot just fine.
bostonmick1591 says2013-09-19T00:06:15.3830472-05:00
@Devinni01841, BLIND, as in you can't see a damn thing with or without glasses and you can still own a gun.
higa123 says2013-10-02T11:24:26.1182594-05:00
I, as a conservative, have barely put any thought into this and still come to the conclusion of no, just like almost all other conservatives have. It's simple logic. If someone is sane, stable, moral, and law-abiding, I don't care if you have a minigun and an Osprey in your garage.

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