Death penalty pro or con?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I've always been for the death penalty but researching the cases of luka magnotta junko furuta and others only makes me me more for it

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SnaxAttack says2015-10-15T03:04:54.2431325Z
One thing I wish to point out about the Death Penalty argument is that one of the main issues about it is Death Row. Death Row is when a criminal is sentenced for death, but is at a constant state of trying to be proven innocent. In reality, the percentage of innocent criminals for the Death Penalty is very low. With a recent statistic in 2014 that 1 in 25 inmates killed by the Death Penalty have actually been proven innocent. That is factually a low number, compared to others being against it because of "Too many innocent individuals". Also, the Death Penalty has been proven to save money by the elimination of Death Row. Where does our tax money go to? Toward the criminals in prison for committing murder or rape, and not just getting his sentence more instantaneously. With the shortening of Death Row, less money is being spent yearly and can actually put an increase in possible deterrence of crime.

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