Posted by: Gs325jcbd

Should the US continue to kill terrorist leaders with drone attacks?

  • Yes

  • No

72% 13 votes
28% 5 votes
  • only if it is in countries we are occupying like afghanistan. other countries should have to approve of the strike.

  • Yea they should. Ordinance drops in Afghanistan are crucial to the war. JDAMS are bombs that help protect soldiers every day

  • We need to follow a balanced philosophy that we fight when we have to. On one end of the spectrum we could be starting wars and spending ridiculous amounts of money on our defense budget, which is not a safe idea and will just lead to more hate and terrorism towards us. We can also be on the other side and never fight which is also a bad idea as it is not safe for us or the rest of the world because in all honesty the only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. My point is we need to try and find a middle path that is best for everyone.

  • Drones can be effective and can do many jobs that would otherwise require troops, putting US soldiers at risk. Also, drones can reach areas that are logistically difficult to get soldiers to, so drones greatly increase the targeting ability of the US military.

  • No, by doing so all we are doing is giving these terrorist groups more martyrs. Not only that, but we are risking the lives of foreign civilians.

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