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94% 16 votes
  • Only as the legislative branch of government, and electing the other branches, of course. I'd also want it divided into areas like states or provinces within the entire nation so that if 51% of people vote one way and 49% of people vote the opposite way, you don't have half the people in the country disgruntled. Just a few national laws, with every other law being decided in states and even cities.

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TooBad says2015-08-22T16:26:07.7465402Z
The framing of the question is misleading. There are many types of democracies -- from direct democracy to parliamentary democracy. A republic is a type of constitutional democracy that does not allow any form of monarchy. Contrary to parliamentary democracies, republics usually have directly elected presidents and separately elected senates and house of representatives. Besides the USA, there are many such republics. The best example in the EU is France. There is no yes or no answer possible.
Atheist-Independent says2015-08-23T03:48:32.3610073Z
What is the question, exactly?
TooBad says2015-08-23T11:34:51.5413195Z
Democracy or Republic?

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