Democratic Socialism vs Venture Capitalism

Posted by: ChenchenKryyg

Democratic Socialism e.g. parties like UK Labour, Lib Dems and US Democrats (Bernie Sanders) or Venture Capitalism e.g. US Republican Party etc.

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Venture Capitalism/Conservatism/The Right

Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit. Central characteristics of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets and wage ... labour. In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction typically determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged. The degree of competition, role of intervention and regulation, and scope of state ownership varies across different models of capitalism. Economists, political economists, and historians have taken different perspectives in their analysis of capitalism and recognized various forms of it in practice. These include laissez-faire capitalism, welfare capitalism, crony capitalism and state capitalism; each highlighting varying degrees of dependency on markets, public ownership, and inclusion of social policies. The extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, is a matter of politics and policy. Many states have what are termed capitalist mixed economies, referring to a mix between planned and market-driven elements   more
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Democratic socialism/Liberalism/The Left

Democratic socialism is a political ideology advocating a democratic political system alongside a socialist economic system. This may refer to extending principles of democracy in the economy, or may simply refer to trends of socialism that emphasis... e democratic principles as inalienable from their political project.There is no exact definition of democratic socialism. Some forms of democratic socialism overlap with social democracy, while other forms reject social democratic reformism in favor of more revolutionary methods, and overlap with Revolutionary Socialism   more
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I don't Know (Either You have been taught or just "think" that Socialism is evil or...)

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triangle.128k says2015-07-19T14:15:53.3557025-05:00
Not all liberals are necessarily democratic socialists...
komododragon8 says2015-07-19T17:24:49.5638174-05:00
Why is the definition for venture capitalism just the definition of capitalism? Venture capitalism is a sub group of capitalism, not capitalism itself.

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